Album Releases: What’s New?


It is quite interesting to note that this years’ Eurovision Song Contest artists are using the event as a marketing tool for their musical material which is set to be released within the next couple of days. Some of the artists which are releasing brand new albums include Ovi who will be representing Romania along with Paula Seling in the second semi-final, Tom Dice who will be representing Belgium within the first semi-final, Daniel Diges who will be performing on behalf of Spain in the final stage of this years’ competition along with Lena Mayer-Landrut who seems to be the main contender for victory representing Germany.

The first album already in the Belgian music scene comes from the former X Factor runner-up Tom Dice who seems to be the best chance for Belgium in years as he performs the song Me and My Guitar which is also a track on the album Teardrops along with his former singles Bleeding Love and A Soldier for His Country. The album is the singers’ debut release by his record label Sonic Angel and will surely be looking for one of the higher places within the charts as soon as it is released. You can listed to some excepts from his songs here. In the meantime, the second album comes from the Norwegian nation Ovi who will re-release his album entitled The Gig That Almost Killed Me in his native country having only released it within the confines of Romania.

In the meantime, two finalists who have been quite busy with their albums are the interesting Daniel Diges who overcame the favourite Coral to win the Spanish selection. His recording label namely Warner Music Spain will probably be named after his Eurovision Song Contest entry Algo Pequenito and will be released on the 11th May 2010. Huge favourite Lena Mayer-Landrut will be releasing her debut album under Universal Music Germany and USFO entitled My Cassette Player. This collection of songs will include 11 tracks, the three which she performed at the national final, two of which are cover versions performed during the pre-selection phase and others which are completely original. We will be keeping you updated with the latest news from all of this years’ Eurovision Song Contest artists.



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