MIHSC 2010: Romina Mamo wins First Place


The Malta International Hit Song Contest is one of the premier events in our nation with regards to the local festival scene being the second after the Malta Eurosong competition which features songs in English. Several performers might have tried out in the Eurosong event first but they always have a second option with this contest. This years’ final features a total of fifteen finalists who were chosen by a panel of judges out of the initially submitted entries amounting to sixty three.

Following the performances from this years’ finalists which included none other than former Eurosong entrants Isabelle (2007),  Grecia Bezzina (2009), Romina Mamo (2003, 2005), Rita Pace (1998, 2000, 2003, 2004), Dario Mifsud Bonnici (2009), Audrey Marie Bartolo (2010) and Corazon (2009). The final results of the evening were as follows:

Public Award with 55% of the total votes received on Celebrity Sundays: Domenique with the song Violet Skies (Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)

Third Place: Christian with the song Caruso (Clinton Paul)

Second Place: Corazon with the song Set The Night On Fire (Philip Vella)

First Place: Romina Mamo with the song Poison Ivy (Clinton Paul)


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