Croatia: Feminnem dazzle Malta


In recent years, Malta has become quite an interesting promotional destination for several Eurovision Song Contest participants yet due to the world economic crisis many nations opted on other form of promotion and therefore the tours really dwindled with countries selecting parties with massive media exposure to attend to. The Croatian representatives only visited some neighbouring countries yet decided to come to Malta.

The female beauties performed on several programs throughout their visit to our country but were heavily promoted during the Malta International Hit Song Contest were they performed their Eurovision entry Lako Je Sve along with another track for album. During their stay the audiences really warmed up to them due to their fantastic character and they might be even with a chance of winning the maximum points from our nation due to their visit alone. This can only happen if they reach the final due to the fact that we are in different semi-final stages. In the meantime, you can see part of their interpretation from their Eurovision Song Contest entry below.




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