Alive 2010: Get Ready to Party


One of the most attractive events in the club scene calender surely has to be the annual concert running under the name Alive which will be heading up an extremely strong line-up for this years’ show which will be taking place on Saturday 15th May 2010 within the Beland Club in the southern city of Zejtun.

The fifth edition of the event will be hosting a Live DJ set by Ira Losco who represented Malta in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. The artist will be experimenting with something completely new as she will be using her vocal capabilities along with dance music exclusively at the event. Joining Ira Losco are none other than band Tribali who have just returned from a tour in Australia following their huge success in the local scene just last year dominating the Malta Music Awards. In fact both artists are represented by Howard Keith of Jagged House.

Another sought after artist who will also be present is Kristina Kasolani who has been noted in the Malta Eurosong 2009 competition having been a guest. She will also be joined by one of the upcoming R&B artists namely Christabelle, the recipient of the Malta Best Artist Award. The final name on the billing goes to Tiziana Calleja who just placed third within the Malta Eurosong 2010 apart from being a well known television personality. The show will be hosted by “Evangelisti” actor Carlos Farrugia and Roberta Cutajar.

Tickets for the event are currently selling at €7 and they can be bought from the Beland Club in Zejtun and many other shops or online through the portals which you can find here and here. We are sure that you will enjoy the event so what are you waiting for, book your tickets now !


Source: Jonathan Bondin (Alive Organiser)


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