Malta: Roger Tirazona Impresses in Beijing


Maltese singer Roger Tirazona (who is also half Filipino) has just returned from representing Malta in the 11th New Asian Singer contest, which this year was held in Beijing, the Capital of the People’s Republic of China.  In a very tough competition of singers coming from virtually every continent, Roger managed to go through 2 elimination phases and classified in 6th Position out of 35 contestants of extremely high level.

He was also awarded the “Most Promising Singer” award.  Roger representing Malta managed to get where countries like Japan and Korea didn’t manage, even though they are the two greatest contributors to the Asian music market.  Contestants came from countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Philippines, Finland, Canada, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Slovenia, Australia and the United States.  The winner of the contest was the singer from Philippines who is sure to be a next Asian Superstar.  The contest was aired on Satellite Channel Yunnan TV (YNTV) which covers the Asian continent and billions of viewers.

In the contest, Roger got to perform the Malta produced song “Silver Rain” (Composed by Paul Abela and Lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia) which was extremely well received in terms of music, arrangement and lyrics and commented by the jury as “a lovely European style pop ballad with poetic lyrics”.  Other Asian singers and impresarios in the contest have requested to record this song to be released in their own Market.  “Silver Rain” was performed in the first elimination where Roger was chosen in the top 15 singers.  After that he performed his cover versions of the songs “Alla Luce Del Sole”, “You Raise Me Up” and the Filipino song called “Anak” which all enabled him to keep advancing to the next phase till the Super Final.

When asked about his experience in China Roger says: “The 11th New Asian Singer contest was one of the most pinnacle experiences in my life where I can say that I have sung with some of the best voices in the world.  All of the contestants were of world class level and all were remarkable in their own style and musical genre.  To be very honest I did not expect to manage to reach the very end of the contest as all the contestants were of extremely high level.  But I kept believing in myself and giving my best and I am very proud to have taken the Maltese flag to the very final stage of this prestigious, eurovision-level, Asian contest and gotten a very high placing for Malta and myself.  However this just scratches the surface of my experience there.  The meeting of professional producers, making new friends from all over the world and appreciating the wonderful hospitality of the Chinese people and the beauty of their country cannot be compared to any festival result.  While in China we did not just sing.  It was a great pleasure to show my respects to the Chinese people suffering drought in Yunnan Province.  All of us singers from around the world planted trees and used water brought from our countries to water them.  I have first handedly experienced an amazingly produced and organized Festival and one of the best hospitality in the world.  It will be an experience I will never forget.”

Roger is a member of the World Association of Festivals and Artists (WAFA).

Source: Press Release



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