Oslo 2010: Day 10 – Dress Rehearsal 3 – Review


Good Afternoon people and welcome to the final dress rehearsal of the first semi-final which is set to be staged in the Telenor Arena in Baerum, Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The Juries will be handing in their votes based on the performances given during last nights dress rehearsal which was quite sublime for Thea Garrett, Jes Sciberras, Pamela, Nadine Axisa and Jackie Pace Delicata. Today will be probably be a bit less spectacular in general so that the artists will save their best for tonight.

Our team has worked with a number of editors throughout these two weeks but today we are going to bring you a report based on the opinions of a great editor and a good friend of mine being none other than Olivier Vanhoutte, the Public Relations Officer of our Eurovision Related Site having worked as a promotional manager for quite some time His opinions will be of utter honesty and he has quite the tastes saying that Thea was won of those who should win the Eurosong when he had heard her during the initial phases of the competition.

Moldova – Olia Tira & Sunstroke Project – Run Away

The performance of Moldova is still very energetic and vocally its far better than in the national final. Its definitely a great dance song. Again a pity that the camera is not focused on the group when they end the song and thank the audience.

Russia – Peter Nalitch & Friends – Lost & Forgotten

The Russian song is so strange for me and way too old fashioned for the 2010 edition of Eurovision. The main vocal singers voice are really annoying me. So for me no Russia in the final although with the televoting public and the russians living across Europe you never know.

Estonia – Malcolm Lincoln – Siren

the song is totally not my cup of tea but the group and main singer definitely seem to have a great time on stage and that shows off to the public. A qualifier for the final? this could be a surprise finalist.

Slovakia – Kristina Pelakova – Horehronie

Slovakia is said to be one of the favourites with the fans in this first semifinal. The song is indeed quiet interesting, despite the rumours of plagiarism that were published some time ago. Kristina’s voice is very fragile in my opinion and she seems too cold.

Finland – Kuunkuiskaajat – Tyollki Ella

Again the contrast with Slovakia couldn’t be bigger. The Finnish girls seem to have a lot of fun on stage, they sing very good and they get very good reactions from the public. This is a definite qualifier in my opinion! I like it!

Latvia – Aisha – What For ? (Only Mr.God Knows Why)

Latvia has sent one of their most popular singers, Aisha but it doesn’t show really on stage. The dress is not really classy and the stage act from the national final would have definately been better. The vocals are not too bad, but this is an uncertain qualifier.

Serbia – Milan Stankovic – Ovo Je Balkan (This Is the Balkans)

This is definately one of my favourite songs this year. Milan is a very young but highly professional singer. His enthousiasm will make people for sure wanna dance. Vocally is very good again and also the stage act is great! The reaction in the presscenter is enthousiastic too. Heading for Belgrade 2011, i dont exclude it at all!

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Vukasin Brajic – Thunder & Lightning

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a growing song again like it has been in recent years. There has been a lot of criticism on the quality of the song compared to the previous entries and also myself i doubt if Vukasin will make it although the song has undergone good developments. Wait and see i would for now.

Poland – Marcin Mrozinski – Legenda

Marcin from Poland is a great singer and extremely nice person. He has a sympathetic look and that is always a plus. The song start great , having also this Turkish influences but then its a big pity the song doesn’t go really anywhere in my opinion as based on his vocal capacities, Marcin should definately go to the final. But the song is not strong enough i fear

Belgium – Tom Dice – Me and My Guitar

Being Belgian i’m extra critic. But i must be honest, Tom Dice is impressing me more and more staying so relaxing and down to earth. I believe is definitely the best song in this semifinal but will that be enough to qualify. It should as his vocals are very good and he gets big applause from the audience during the song and at the very end.

Malta – Thea Garrett – My Dream

Thea is giving a big smile at the beginning of the song, she looks very sweet again. Her performance is very confident i think and when sings the chorus together with her great backing vocalists, its really impressive. For the moment Latvia is 10th and Malta 11th in the OGAE-poll but based on today’s performance there is no doubt that Thea should qualify for the final. Prosit Thea! She’s getting quite a lot of applause as well.

Albania – Juliana Pasha – It’s All About You

Albania is coming up now. Many think this could be a favourite but i believe its just one of the many songs in a row. The vocals are pretty good and i think it could be a finalists, but definitely not a hot favourite.

Greece – Giorgos Alkaios & Friends – Opa!

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends definitely have the key to put the hall on fire and make everyone make to dance. Great tune and typical Greek influences which sound great! The choreography is very energetic and appealing. This is definately going to the final and i put it in the top 5 for the final for sure.

Portugal – Filipa Azevado – Ha Dias Assim

Portugal has the big disadvantage to come after Greece an all its enthusiasm. The Portuguese song is quite boring and the vocals of the singer are not always convincing i would say. A non-qualifier in my opinion

FYR Macedonia – Gjoko Tanseki – Jas Ja Imam Silata

The FYROM-song is also a pop-rock song but then the Bosnian song is better in my opinion. Also the choreography is a bit over the top with half naked women crawling over the stage. A definite non-qualifier in my opinion.

Belarus – 3+2 ft. Robert Wells – Butterflies

This is a kind of peace song an its not credible hearing it singing from a group coming from the last dicatorial regime in Europe. And when the butterflies wings comes up all in press-center start laughing very hard. Its very interesting to see how the jury’s and public will react to this.

Iceland – Hera Bjork – Je Ne Sais Quoi

Hera Björk from Iceland is an adorable personality and great singer. Her song ‘Je ne sais quoi’ makes you wanna dance immediately. One might say is not original, too much Swedish Schlager-Pop, but this is qualifying for sure. One thing to notice. The dress of Hera reminds me hugely on Chiara’s dress back in 2005 when she ended second with her song Angel.


The technical rehearsals for the recaps and the qualification board as well as the rehearsals of the interval act will not be on but ESCflashmalta.com will leave you here for now as we return with a live report this evening as me, Marc Calleja Bayliss reviews the first semi-final along with our first guest who is the lead male vocalist of the band Ich Troje which represented Poland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. I am of course speaking about Michal who agreed to carry out this live review on behalf of the site.


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