Eurovision Song Contest 2010: Final – GERMANY HAS WON !!


Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our Live coverage of this years’ Eurovision Song Contest final which is being held in the Telenor Arena in Baerum, Oslo within the Scandinavian country of Norway. It has been a very long couple of days for us here at but we have been happy to bring you the coverage that we brought you.

Today, we will be keeping the same format which we have shown you during the semi-final events meaning with me, Marc Calleja Bayliss as your commentator but what will be different is that I will be joined by two guests this evening, the first being none other than popular local artist Claudia Faniello who is currently gearing up to release her debut album following her stint in the Malta Eurosong competition on numerous occasions as well as Icelandic artist Iris Holm who took part in the Icelandic version of the show X Factor, also part of the progressive band Bermuda and a participant in this years’ Icelandic selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.


The Te Deum has just been played and now we have a number of recorded messages from all of Europe in the national languages of the respective nations but the final one comes from Norway and to everyone’s surprise it is Alexander Rybak who is on stage dressed in a black suit and joined by the Flickar Dance Company. What an opening, although he could have definitely sung better. The hosts are now on stage with the ensemble dressed in very formal attire with red, brown and black gaining prominence.

01. Azerbaijan

Iris Holm: Shes not as strong on stage as i thought vocally. But the hook of the song is definitely something that glues to your brain. No power in the “Drip drop” part which is a shame because if had to be sharp and ON, which it was not. The high note got lost which is the GOOSEBUMPS part and I missed it…. I didn’t hear it. Over all ok, but not as good as i hoped.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The singer stated that it is quite a challenge to kick off such a huge event. The backdrop is blue clearly depicting the water in the song. The artist comes down a set of stairs equipped with led lights. She is joined on stage by a dancer and four female backing vocalists. The vocals are not really good this evening and I guess all of this boils down to nerves. The choreography is making it worse and I just cannot see how this will win. We are so not going to Baku !!

Claudia Faniello: I think she gave a better performance on Thursday. However,being the one to open the show isn’t an easy task…I’m wondering whether it’s a good move to promote a song so much as the expectation will be very high and there’s always a risk of being disappointed just like in this case. It’s a good song but i’m not sure if it’s a winner

02. Spain

Iris Holm:  I’ve NEVER liked the entry from Spain. But he has a strong voice but the song is just so dead boring to me, nothing can save it. The thing that saved it was definitely the guy from the audience that was thrown off the stage. The high note at the end… was shaky…… Don´t like it.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Well I absolutely love the staging of this one with the main theme being a circus one. The main singer is joined on stage is joined by four characters dressed in white and pink. The vocals are really strong but what happened here, a man who was backstage came out onto the stage and seemed to be part of it but he was escorted off stage. Well all in all, a good performance though

Claudia Faniello: I’im not too keen on Spain’s entry this year..

03. Norway

Iris Holm: Didrik is a charmer… But the song is too much of a “Josh Groban” rip off for me to like it. I´m sorry. But Didrik has a strong voice, even tho his performance wasnt 100%. He´s young, and has a bright future. This is not a winner but I got goosebumps at the end.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: A good hairstyle for Didrik this evening but his vocals are just average at best as he is quick shaky. He is receiving a massively huge applause but that is expected as he playing the home ball. He is joined on stage by five backing vocalists who add quite an interesting feel to the song. The brown / dark orange background is working well but this sounds absolutely terrible. The pyrotechnics add a bit to the spectacle but Norway will struggle to reach to reach the top five this evening.

Claudia Faniello: Something about this song reminds of a soundtrack from a cartoon,i really like this song but i guess the pressure got a hold of him…however i agree with Iris, it did give me goosebumps.

04. Moldova

Iris Holm: To me, its a mystery why the violin player didn’t throw up at the beginning, turning like this. But the start is way too powerless with her vocals. In the studio version her note in the beginning is higher, but looks like she didn’t pull it off live. And like Claudia said, the sax is just something you gotta love, either you love it for being corny and kinda stupid, or cool. To me… corny.  would have loved hearing this song performed only by Olia.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: This song opened the first semi-final and it has quite a massive load of energy to it. This is the first really fast song of the evening and yet again managed to get the crowd going. The group Sunstroke project are putting up a big show and Olia Tira’s vocal performance is very good this evening. I am not sure on where this will end this evening yet it is a memorable song actually and can strike one of those places on the left hand side of the board. The red and white backdrop works really well.

Claudia Faniello: We’ve heard this kind of songs very often,it has nothing thats stands out apart from the piece where the sax comes in which gave a huge plus to the song

05. Cyprus

Iris Holm: This song came to me as a surprise. I didnt like it when I saw the video. But live, I love it! I think this will be a song that will shock everyone when it comes to the tele-voting. I think they will score well, both with the viewers and the judges. I like it.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: One of my favourites this evening and a dark horse for victory in my opinion. As told by our collaborators in Oslo, he has removed the hair he had in front of his face. He changed a couple of notes here and there in order to make it sound more authentic and I must say that this guitar pop ballad just sounds magnificent and will surely add to the quality winners of the Eurovision Song Contest should it top the board later on this evening. The vocals are just fantastic and he is accompanied just brilliantly by all of his friends.

Claudia Faniello: I listen to this song and think to myself that this entry was better of being part of an album then in the Eurovision however i like the timber of his voice

06. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Iris Holm: Clearly my toilet break of the evening … sorry !

Marc Calleja Bayliss: This is the first rock song of the evening and surely it brings about great contrast to the rest of the songs that have come on so far this evening but I think that it is too early for it to be liked in my opinion. The vocals are really good and the performance looks brilliantly on the monitor but I just cannot see it winning this evening. This is one to look out for stealing the votes of the ex-yugoslav entries but not going to fight for victory.

Claudia Faniello: His vocals aren’t at his best…when he grabbed the guitar i was hoping the song was gonna shift to another level,maybe a climax but it took me nowhere….

07. Belgium

Iris Holm:  His vocals were bette in the semi-finals. But it was cute and made me smile when the audience started to clap and scream. But I can tell you I’ve heard this song a few times and Im getting kinda bored listening to it.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The Belgian singer has won many hearts all over Europe yet he still does not look as relaxed as he did last Tuesday. The song is a nice, simple, acoustic guitar type of ballad which would easily hit the charts. His vocals are truly amazing and he is just oozing confidence this evening. I will literally start shouting if Belgium wins this evening and they clearly deserve it. Come on people, let’s head off to Brussels next year, and I will surely join many of you there.

Claudia Faniello: This song stands out with its simplicity …it gives me a sense of serenity…I’m really enjoying it and it will surely do well.

08. Serbia

Iris Holm: The best thing about this song is the first 5 seconds. Then it just gets worse. His vocals are better this evening. But i have yet to understand why people voted for this in the semi-finals.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The eccentric artist is now on stage clad in a white shirt, white trousers and blue jacket. The backdrop is mainly red with touches of white. He is joined on stage by two dancers and two mannequins. The vocals are spot on this evening and this is an extremely energetic performance which could take us back to Belgrade as he will be picking up votes from the ex-yugoslav nations as well as the Baltic nations.

Claudia Faniello: This Is My Bathroom Break


Spain will be performing yet again because someone went up on stage in order to try and interfere with the performance.

09. Belarus

Iris Holm: I voted for Belarus in the semi-finals. I think this song is beautiful. The singer that starts the song is better tonight then last time. The vocals are better overall in this song tonight then last time. Although…. their accents are BAD, and it stings me alot. Those wings…. give me goosebumps! I have to admit… I love this song.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The laughing stock of Europe have now returns to the European stage. The harmonies altogether do not sound brilliant but otherwise, when they sing alone, one could hear that they are in tune and singing quite beautifully. The performance is aided by a nice backdrop similar to that of Norway. This might be surprising us with a top 10 finish but nothing more unfortunately.

Claudia Faniello: Thanks god for the wings!! it’s quite boring to me.

10. Ireland

Iris Holm: It surprises me why she isnt more confident vocally. But this song is beautiful and It was one of my favourites when I heard the CD. WHY… WHY…. WHY… does she fail on the final note both TIMES?! I´m not pleased!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: A MUCH better opening note this time round. The singer clearly oozes charm on stage and has a smile that tells you, pick up the phone and vote for me. She is joined on stage by four backing vocalists who sound brilliant. The backdrop alternates between green and brown orange but this looks very good on the screen. The climax of the song really kicked in today and the high notes were almost at 100% holding even the final note till the end.

Claudia Faniello:  I like this lady…there’s a peacefulness in her expression that’s captures! i love this song!  However her vocals where stronger in the semi-final…still i think its a great song

11. Greece

Iris Holm: The Greek entry is great. I started shaking my booty and yelling OPA. And the singer is good and hes handsome… OH MY. Could be my dad… but whatever. And what a show! I really like this and I think they will be in the TOP 5.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Everyone in the hall is just about to bring it down. The performance is just amazing with four dancers dressed in white attire putting up a brilliant rendition of tradition Greek dancing. The vocals are spot on from Giorgos Alkaios. I am actually betting on this one to win this evening and Athens seems to be a great destination for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

Claudia Faniello: It has to be Greece to leave you speechless during a live performance. WOW!

12. United Kingdom

Iris Holm: When i heard this song the first time i felt like i was in the 80’S. And it just doesn’t sound good to me!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The backdrop is mainly white. Josh Dubovie oozes charm and confidence on stage and he has just brilliant vocals this evening. He is joined on stage by three backing vocalists and two dancers. The box on stage looks nice and I must say that this will surely not end in the final five position. Our commentator is seriously this evening saying that Josh was hopeless on the final note and that the UK has finally given up on Eurovision.

Claudia Faniello: Seriously! No Comment!

13. Georgia

Iris Holm: Georgia is GREAT! GREAT! Nothing more to say! I love her!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Sofia has to be one of the best performers  in this years’ Eurovision Song Contest and ESCflashmalta had the opportunity to get a message and interview her as well. She is joined on stage by a number of dancers which are just making very unnecessary choreography as such a ballad only deserves a fine delivery yet that all boils down to taste. The number 13 might bring her luck who knows. A very competent performance yet she was even stronger on Thursday.

Claudia Faniello: When i saw this on Thursday i was like…this girl is great…dancing and singing perfectly simultaneously…she wasn’t as strong today but i like it however it didn’t give me goosebumps

14. Turkey

Iris Holm: Turkey has a great Rock…. sound! And his vocals are really good. I didnt like this song the first time i heard it. But now i really love it. Something about it reminds me of the vocal range of System of a down. They will be in top 10, easily!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: We have now entered a free maNga concert because they have prepared a performance which looks as such. The initial camera shot is just brilliant and one has to love the backdrop of such a song even if he does not like the music. The white light effect works wonders as well. The vocals are spot on from the group and Turkey are sailing into the top 10 this evening when one takes into account the fact that they are popular throughout Europe and have huge diaspora all around Europe.

Claudia Faniello: I Love Turkey!! This song is a breath of fresh air!!

15. Albania

Iris Holm: This song is COOL but unfortunately the singer doesn’t do much for me. AND WHATS UP… with the violins? I like the song… on a CD. But live, not so much.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: As our friends at All Kinds Of Everything said last night, one sees a very good song and performance when he gets behind the fact that her very funny pronunciation is actually existent “you are the waaan”.  The backdrop is purple and shining bright whilst the violinist sounds brilliant. I think this will be sneaking into the top ten this evening but we will see what happens eh. Very good and competent performance though from Juliana and Albania.

Claudia Faniello: The backing vocals are soooo cool….i like her vocals aswell. It’s a catchy song but common

16. Iceland

Iris Holm:  As much as Ive heard this song before. As in 2008 when the Euroband sang the song This is my life, she is great live! The vocals are great, back vocals and Hera. GO ICELAND!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: This is a surprise, the crowd is shouting Hera Hera just before she comes onto stage. She comes out of the shadows to sing in perfect vocals. She is joined on stage by five backing vocalists, three female and two males. The backdrop changes a lot of colours with the predominant one being towards the end. A very comfortable performance by Hera this evening and this could be a dark horse this evening. Keep watching this space.

Claudia Faniello: It’s a summer dance hit…Iceland will do very well.

17. Ukraine

Iris Holm: My favourite this year! She has a great voice and this song is AWESOME! Shes alone on the stage, and it takes some nerves to deliver a song ALONE that well! Goosebumps ALL THE WAY. She gets my vote!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Alyosha is the most impressive singer in this years’ competition by far. The backdrop is red and she is dressed in a very interesting piece of attire. Melancholy is the main aspect of the song. I just love this and I cannot add anything else apart from the fact that she could be the best the Eurovision has seen in years.

Claudia Faniello: What a singer!!!! and the passion she sings with is mesmerizing!!…i love it

18. France

Iris Holm: WOW! This guy gives me…… butterflies in my stomach! Ive heard this song before. But the performance is GREAT. Well… hes a bit uptight in his moves. But what a GREAT dance song and the part where they dance … wow. After this… I love him and the song!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Well I miss the French ballads but it was the right year to pick a fast song. The backdrop is mainly blue and yellow and the singer along with his team of backing vocalists and dancers are all in white. The booty shaking might be a step too much but this is absolutely amazing. Whoever had France written off might be wrong … totally !! WOW !! As always my support to France remains. This should be in the top ten this evening if Justice is served.

Claudia Faniello: Extremely catchy…this will be a big hit. Whatever placing in the Eurovision…i wouldn’t mind it winning though! something completely different. Fun fun fun

19. Romania

Iris Holm: This is not as powerful live as the studio version. But the stage and this piano is awesome. This is a song that i didnt notice untill after few listening. This high note in the middle part that she sings, was DEAD ON and I waited for it. The backvocals are not good.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: They are received on stage with a huge applause and why not, two of the best singers in this years’ competition. They have both tried to represent their countries separately yet only managed when joining forces. Sexy Paula Seling is just spon on the final notes whilst Ovi is accompanying her beautifully. The pyrotechnics add great meaning when noting that the song actually speaks about fire. WOW, WOW, WOW !!! This could be the winner this evening.

Claudia Faniello: This lady has charisma , that note is WOW…she’s more into it then the male singer… pity because the act would have been sweet…this song will be fighting for a place in the top placing

20. Russia

Iris Holm: This is my second toilet break.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: The vocals are great but the song is just terrible and it is clearly my first toilet break.

Claudia Faniello: I can’t understand how this song found itself in the Eurovision. Still i don’t think it’s the worse song tonight…Britain is winning in that matter

21. Armenia

Iris Holm: She will get at least few points for the BOOB shot in the beginning. But I think she will win the competition. She has everything. The song, the voice, the looks and attitude!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Many men are probably swooning as this female eases sex appeal yet we are mostly after the song and the singer and in this case, the singer is absolutely strong whilst the song is incredibly catchy. The odds on this to qualify were underestimated and they are now the third favourites to win the competition. The shots today are much much better and they look very good with the green / orange backdrop. Clearly another contender for the win.

Claudia Faniello: stunning girl…sweet chorus but nothing impressive.

22. Germany

Iris Holm: She is so beautiful and has such a fun voice. Its a fun song and makes you happy listening to it. She will be in the fight for the top 5. Thank God for the fact that Germany takes this competition seriously again!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: HUGE applause by the audience for one of the main favourites this year. Some people think that her accent is not good but you know she is quite authentic and clearly sounds like Lily Allen. She is joined on stage by four backing vocalists. Clad in a black dress and dark makeup she looks visually stunning and she might actually do something that might not be expected and win this whole thing. Very impressive stuff from Lena and Germany seems to be a nice host country for 2011.

Claudia Faniello: What an interesting voice…i love the way she was having the time of her life on stage! i must admit when i saw the video clip i thought it could be top 3 but I’m not sure anymore. tonight’s competition is tough

23. Portugal

Iris Holm:  No doubt that she has a voice. But the big question is, does she have to do all those “vocal curls”? Beautiful song but not a winner.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Our commentator announces the title in English as well “Those Are the Days”. Filipa is wearing the same wonderful pink ball gown she wore during the semi-final which looks visually stunning. She is joined on stage by her composer on the piano, and another three backing vocalists. She could have been the one to steal the vote from Thea last Tuesday but surely a great voice aided by a simple ballad which both the Juries and the viewers love. This might be the first time since Oslo back in 1996 that Portugal score on the upper left hand side of the scoreboard.

Claudia Faniello: Such a tender age and a voice of a goddess… to be honest the song is quite boring but she’s divine.

24. Israel

Iris Holm:  Beautiful language. And a beautiful voice! The high notes were better then last time.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Harel brings about a ring to this evenings’ competition. This looks visually stunning actually. He is clad in a black suit as you can see in the picture above which was taken during one of the dress rehearsals. The vocals are quite strong although we are all awaiting the final bit of the song in order to see whether he can manage to pull it off. The lighting is stunning today yet again and again a contender for victory yet the final note was terrible.

Claudia Faniello: I like this guy…he’s gorgeous but what a pity. His song is a classic ballad,there’s something about the language that makes it nicer though. He missed his high notes again…pity

25. Denmark

Iris Holm: I cant help it but let it annoy me that the beginning is like Every breath you take. But its a catchy song. Typical winning moment? I don´t know but sure by the Eurovision formula. Not my favourite!

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Well the final song of the evening and one which was touted as this years’ Kate Ryan due to the fact that it was terrible during the rehearsals. A song that was rejected from two national selection yet is here and Chanee and N’Evergreen are doing their best yet again this evening as their vocals are just a 100%. The performance oozes confidence and charm and could we just be heading onto Copenhagen next year. So many to choose from.

Claudia Faniello: Denmark’s entry is a typical popish song…very ear friendly but I’m not sure it’s enough tonight because there are a lot of powerful songs

26. Spain

Iris Holm: Even tho Spain got a second chance, I don’t like the song. Wont get a vote from me, even after a second chance.

Marc Calleja Bayliss: Due to an incident before hand. The backdrop is purple yet again and it seems that the stunt did not effect him. He is brilliant vocally and his choreography is visually stunning. Can Spain have their best result in years thanks to Daniel Diges. No one has ever won from position number 2 yet his is actually performing in position 26 technically. Madrid, here we come or not ? We will see.

Claudia Faniello: I could hear Spain’s entry a hundred times i still wouldn’t like it  but having said that his voice is very strong.

The Show (Part 2)

Now the hosts are back on stage to conclude this part of the show saying that the voting is almost finished so make sure to vote as quickly as possible. In order to vote from Malta you would have to dial 500436 XX or send a black SMS on 5061 57 XX. They speak to all the participants in their national languages, truly an amazing clip. Another recap now on with the last five minutes kicking off. The interval is the flash mob dance. We are going to different segments in Europe including Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Lithuania. A final quick bio on each participant in the final. This looks nice actually and the tension is now increasing.


Romania gives maximum points to Denmark

Ireland gives maximum points to Denmark

Germany gives maximum points to Belgium

Serbia gives maximum points to Bosnia & Herzegovina

Albania gives maximum points to Greece

Turkey gives maximum points to Azerbaijan

Croatia gives maximum points to Turkey

Poland gives maximum points to Denmark

Bosnia & Herzegovina gives maximum points to Serbia

Finland gives maximum points to Germany

Serbia gives maximum points to Denmark

Estonia gives maximum points to Germany

Russia gives maximum points to Armenia

Portugal gives maximum points to Spain

Azerbaijan gives maximum points to Turkey

Greece gives maximum points to Cyprus

Iceland gives maximum points to Denmark

Denmark gives maximum points to Germany

France gives maximum points to Turkey

Spain gives maximum points to Germany

Slovakia gives maximum points to Germany

Bulgaria gives maximum points to Azerbaijan

Ukraine gives maximum points to Azerbaijan

Latvia gives maximum points to Germany

Malta gives maximum points to Azerbaijan

Norway gives maximum points to Germany

Cyprus gives maximum points to Greece

Lithuania gives maximum points to to Georgia

Belarus gives maximum points to to Russia

Switzerland gives maximum points to Germany

Belgium gives maximum points to Greece

United Kingdom gives maximum points to Greece

The Netherlands gives maximum points to Armenia

Israel gives maximum points to Armenia

FYR Macedonia gives maximum points to Albania

Moldova gives maximum points to Romania

Georgia gives maximum points to Belarus

Sweden gives maximum points to Germany

Armenia gives maximum points to Georgia


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