ESC 2010: Full Jury / Televoting Results Published


As promised by the European Broadcasting Union earlier this year, the split jury / televoting result has been released in order for people to compare and contrast on the results obtained. With regards to Malta, one will surely gasp when checking out the total scores and that is why PBS has to start looking into certain matters of how to attract a particular demographic.

With regards to the first semi-final, it is quite vital to note that thanks to the televoting system, three countries were left out of the final and these were none other than Estonia, Malta and FYR Macedonia with the three lucky countries being Russia, Moldova and Finland who placed within the top 10 in the televoting part of the result. It is vitally important to note that Malta came 7th with the Juries whilst 12th with the televoters seeing our final result compared to the latter instead of the former.

When looking at the second semi-final, the countries which got through thanks to the Juries were none other than Ireland and Israel whilst those that got shattered by the Jury yet did well in the televoting were none other than Sweden and Lithuania, both of which would have qualified if it was 100% televoting.

In the meantime, the system proved extremely successful in the final with Germany winning both the Jury and the televoting yet several countries benefited from the televoting system including Turkey, Denmark, Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Serbia, Spain and Iceland whilst Belgium, Georgia, Israel and Ukraine were aided by the Juries. See the full tables here.

Source: EBU


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