What comes after Eurovision?


We all know the build up to Eurovision, for some countries, begins in December and runs for almost 6 months up until the live finals of “Europe’s Favourite TV Show”. But have you ever thought of what becomes of our treasured artists after the last set of 12/Douze points are awarded? Well, today I will give you an insight into Ireland’s National Treasure and 2010 entrant Miss Niamh Kavanagh.

Firstly, as you surely know, Niamh is a member of a very select European Royal Family and was a winner of Eurovision back in 1993. Following many years being asked by RTE to come back to Eurovision, Niamh finally found the wonderful Song “It’s for you” that yet again took her to the Finals of Eurovision – something that the Irish had not been part of since 2007. Niamh’s return to Eurovision provoked lots of excitement back in Ireland, which had not been seen for many years. The day following her successful Semi Final qualification, the Irish Media were awash with Eurovision Mania.

The fact that Ireland finished in 23rd place in the final did not dampen the Nation’s love for Eurovision and, more importantly, for our Heroine Niamh Kavanagh. Since her return to Ireland, Niamh has been in huge demand from the media and the loyal Irish Eurovision Fans that are on the increase. Niamh was asked to be the main performer at the Dublin Pride Festival this year in June. The live concert that accompanies the parade attracted record numbers – with the knowledge that Niamh would be performing. Well, Niamh performed an open air concert to over 22 thousand fans and as you can see from the reaction of the audience in this amateur footage, Niamh is now more popular than ever before.

Niamh is set to repeat this concert at Limerick’s Pride Festival in the coming weeks. This is proof of just how popular Niamh is in Ireland, following Eurovision this year. On another musical note Niamh is currently working on a widely anticipated album that will see her collaborate again with one of the composers of “It’s For You” – Sweden’s Miss Lina Eriksson. The album will certainly have soul and will demonstrate the wonderful voice that Niamh is renowned for.

If this wasn’t enough work for Niamh, she is also touring Ireland with her band “The Illegal’s”. Dates for her concerts can be found on her MySpace and Face Book Pages. This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of the hugely successful Irish film “The Commitments”, which was where director Alan Parker discovered Niamh. She performed on the platinum selling album many of the movie’s tracks and there are rumours of a concert reunion for the movie’s band. So watch this space for more details once they are released.

Indeed, what Eurovision has demonstrated this year is that Niamh is a wonderful personality and this has seen her become a regular guest member on one of Ireland’s most popular daytime discussion shows – “Midday”. As you can see from the clip below, Niamh’s presence on the show has been hugely successful and has seen her popularity as an entertainer grow within Ireland. So in answer to my question “What comes after Eurovision?” – In the case of Niamh Kavanagh – A LOT – and we, here at ESCflashMalta, wish her continued success.




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