Malta: Claudia Faniello Set to Launch Album


The Maltese music scene is becoming even more impressive as the years go by and this is because the mentality is changing and progressing in a way where professionalism is key. The young fresh artist which is set to take over the scene by storm will be none other than Claudia Faniello whose single “I Hate This Song” will be included within her album entitled “Convincingly Better”.

The launch of her new album will be taking place this Friday the 20th August within the Coca-Cola factory in Qormi, Malta. Entrance to the event will be free of charge and open to anyone so that all of her fans will get the opportunity to be present. As far as album launches go, this will surely be a different one because despite having a live set due to the fact that she will be performing some songs from her debut album written by both local and foreign songwriters. The material which the singer will be publishing is going to be sold at the launch with a reduced price with some of the proceeds going to the Malta Community Chest Fund which aids people in need.

In the meantime, Claudia Faniello is gearing up with regards to promoting this album having made the front cover of WOW! Magazine speaking about her problems with Bulimia and low self-esteem within the early and late teens as well as opening up a youtube channel which will be featuring never released material like for example “The Making Of”. You can view this channel by clicking through this link here. The promotion of the album is being aided by Cap-Sounds thanks to an A&R link which anyone can access just by clicking here. Claudia Faniello first got onto the scene thanks to the Malta Song for Europe back in 2006 and therefore, fans state that she should not forget her roots and do her best to mark a return to next years’ selection within the same style of the album. will be on hand to bring you exclusive pictures and possibly videos from the event so make sure that you continue to tune in as we bring you everything in relation to Malta within the Eurovision Song Contest, Maltese artists, foreign selections and more.

Source: Bubbles Media & Entertainment


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