Malta: Claudia’s Way to Stardom


She has managed to come a long way – few might remember Claudia as being the shy yet bubbly teenager who made her official debut to the music industry when she took part in the talent show, hosted on Net TV called Hot Spot. Despite the fact that she did not manage to win the talent show, she still made it into the final rounds. Throughout the series, she was always known as Fabrizio Faniello’s younger sister, but just two years later she was entrusted with a song for Malta Song for Europe and despite not making it through with that particular song, the composer namely Ray Agius gave her the opportunity to perform an entry initially submitted by Olivia Lewis bearing the name “High Alert”.

Claudia’s career started with her being in the shadow of her older brother who had represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001. In the Malta Song for Europe, Claudia, the individual who idolised her brother was now competing against him, and it was surely another success for the Faniello’s. Claudia was one of the singers tipped to do well, and her debut at the Maltasong For Europe could not have started better presenting a very strong song and a brilliant presentation, but on that day, Claudia was overshadowed by her brother who managed to win his right to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, with the song ‘I Do’.


2006 also had a positive outlook for Claudia as she managed to triumph in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song ‘Ma Nafx’. Claudia also had another song in that festival which was later withdrawn and was used as of the songs that Claudia sung in Italy during the San Remo festival activities which was another success for the budding star. In 2007, Claudia faced a storm, after Fabrizio’s disappointing result at the Eurovision, Claudia had to face critics and show that although the Faniello’s are siblings they are two different artists. The self penned ‘L-Imhabba Ghamja’ failed to make it to the final stage of that year’s Maltasong, but this made Claudia come back even stronger.


Daunting a new slimmer look, the 2008 Malta Song For Europe was an unforgettable experience for Claudia, which established her amongst one of Malta’s finest singers. The song ‘Sunrise’ showed a side of Claudia the local public were unaware of. The soft romantic ballad surprised everyone; presented with a floral length purple gown, accompanied by a piano and Claudia’s strong haunting voice won over the judges’ votes and managed a decent third from the televote. The song penned and composed by Ray Aguis ended a respectable third overall but this was not the only success for Claudia in this festival. The upbeat number ‘Carravaggio’ was something fresh, and it seemed that Claudia enjoyed singing every second of this song. The song penned by Godwin Sant and composed by Ray Aguis managed to win the runner up spot at that year’s Malta Song; resulting in Claudia winning both 2nd and 3rd place after Morena’s ‘Vodka’.



Being one of the absolute favourites to win the local Eurovision crown, Claudia ended a respectable 4th in 2009 with a ballad by the same duo that got her the runner up finish at the previous Malta Song. ‘Blue Sonata’ was another crowd favourite but the judges overlooked it’s potential. 2010 saw Claudia being shortlisted in the ‘Giovani’ section in the ever popular festival of SanRemo, but unfortunately the song ‘Guardami’ failed to make it to the final stage of the competition. Still, this was definitely another experience that Claudia will cherish. Once again, in the same year Claudia was once more one of the favourites for the Malta Eurosong but even though internet polls suggested that the win was for her to take, things developed differently on the final night and Claudia ended in the 8th position with ‘Samsara’, a song penned by Gerard James Borg and composed by Philip Vella. This was one of Claudia’s worst results, but once again she got back to work; this time with the aim to accomplish her dream and finish her debut album.



With the release of the single of ‘I Hate This Song’ in early August along with the release of a professional video, Claudia paved the way to launch her debut album ‘Convincingly Better’ on the 20th of August. These are only some of the highlights from Claudia’s relatively short career, as she also represented Malta in a number of festivals abroad and managed to release another music video for the popular ‘Wild Flower’.


The once shy teenager broke from its shell and certainly moved on and developed her own sense of style. Claudia will certainly continue to ride high on the local airwaves and hopefully will soon hit the international scene too. Things look bright for the local starlet; hard work always pays off in the end.


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