Junior Eurosong 2010: Dress Rehearsal 2 – Review


Good Afternoon and welcome to the live coverage of the Second Dress Rehearsal of this years’ Junior Eurosong competition which is being staged within the St.Agatha Auditorium within the limits of Rabat, Malta. The hosts of this years’ event are none other than former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representative Daniel Testa as well as local host and former Junior Eurosong participant Francesca Zarb. This will be the first rehearsal in which all make-up and hairstyles will be on show and more pictures will be following later this evening though as you can see within our gallery which you can see on our homepage or either access here, there are pictures from the morning dress rehearsal.

Running Order

01. Sailor Girl – Melissa Fausel-Attard

This artist is singing about one of the most favourite television shows for singers at the end of the last decades within the 1990’s and in the beginning of the 2000’s. The lyrics clearly justify it’s presence in this festival actually and the way that it is staged is also quite nice. I do not know how the Public Broadcasting Services managed to get this draw but this is surely a great opener for the people to hear. Another very nice tune which is also catchy and enjoyable.

02. My Star – Jasmar Cassar

The first ballad of this evening which actually turns out to be quite impressive. The young singer who is also one of the few male performers in this years competition is joined by a ballet dancer and a pianist. His vocals are really powerful and therefore, thumbs up for the men. The artists is really enjoying himself up there and this will be one to remember at the end of the voting hopefully because the draw is certainly not helping.

03. Crazy Seasons – Althea Georgiovan Troisi De Menville

Althea is another newcomer to the scene of the Junior Eurosong. She takes to the stage completely alone yet accompanying her are none other than an instrument in the form of a violin and a beautiful dress with a number of flowers on it. This song might not be well adapted to this show due to the fact that it is something that might have escaped from the hallowed walls of musical theatre. The lyrics and the music are really beautiful and the singer really does it justice. Another one which will impress the Jury.

04. Play for me – Michela Galea

Yet another ballad makes it to the stage this evening. The singer is wearing a very beautiful white dress and on stage she is joined by a good friend who takes on the role as a pianist. This is not your everyday ballad though as it features a lot of modern sounds something that makes it more contemporary. Simplicity is key and that is what the team is aiming at with this entry.

05. Maestro – Elaine Haber

The little young girl is clad in a red, white and black dress joined together by two violinists who are not playing live of course. The screens used for this song show musical notes and also a number of violins. Despite the focus not being on the great vocals, these have to be noted of course but the music is something spectacular and could have easily been in the senior edition of the Malta Eurosong competition. The build up to the bridge and the refrain is just amazing and the crowd goes crazy at the end.

06. Kitty- Kitty-Cat – Sarah Bonnici

This is one of the most interesting entries of the evening yet the early draw might not be beneficial. The young singer takes to the stage with a purple ensemble that features a cat on the top and also a frill which looks quite nice. The music of the song is really fast and features techno as it’s main genre. The lyrics are very basic with several repeats of the title. It surely gets the crowd going. It is quite interesting that stars are used within the background of this song. The people are loving it though and surely one to look out for tomorrow evening.

07. Shout it Out – Ylenia Vella

The singer clearly reminds us of a younger version of Thea Saliba with her curly hair and long legs. Last years’ runner-up returns to the stage of the Malta Eurosong in what appears to be a ballad, though just a minute into the song things change and suddenly we have something that the British girl band “The Saturdays” would come up with. The tempo slows down yet again. This is clearly a pleasant song to listen to and in my opinion, it is much better than her entry last year but the question is whether she can beat her competition. This is my personal favourite due to having a catchy tune, amazing vocals and great image.

08. Jigsaw Puzzle – Domenique Azzopardi

Despite making a lot of changes within her musical career in recent months, Domenique returns to the stage of the Junior Eurosong for the very last time. She is clad in a red jumpsuit with a piece of jigsaw puzzle sewed on it. She is also joined by two dancers who are dressed like her exactly. The techno sound seems to have gotten popular in the last couple of months because this is what the song is sporting. The vocals are really impressive and people are saying that on her last attempt she might actually win the whole event.

09. Hooked on Samba – Jade Marie Vella

The screen behind her is really impressive actually as it depicts fireworks. The singer who is actually the daughter of singer J.Anvil has her fathers’ charm and charisma as she sports a black, orange and pink dress in the form of a flamenco. The style of this entry is very latin and the young prodigy has the voice to sing such a song. Midway through the song, she is joined by four dancers who are dressed in black summery cardigans and just after comes another dancer who has some traditional Spanish instruments within his hands. She gets the loudest cheers from the audience and this might be the one to look out for within the tele-voting.

10. Wonderland of dreams – Mikaela Agius

Stealing the main attention within this entry is surely a giant book which just stands there throughout the performance. The singer is clad in a princess/peasant like dress whilst singing about a number of dreams that one would like to achieve. The music is very disney like although the modern sound is definitely present. The screens behind her depict a number of magical wands which feature stars. This is also a very catchy tune and this is proving to be a very difficult selection this year.

11. Its time – Antoine Farrugia / Kylie Cassar

This is actually the first song that features a duet and the only one between a boy and a girl. They make use of an extremely huge prop which is a triangle with two stars on it with two microphones attached to it. The lyrics are really catchy and just a minute into the song, I am actually singing along to it. The male singer is clad in a green top with orange lines and plaid trousers whilst the female singer sports a plaid dress with several splashes of red. The singing is really good yet again and this makes quite an impression on the crowd.

12. Lady Lady Ga Ga – Maxine Pace

Maxine was actually one of my favourite artists during last years’ national selection having the song “Toy Soldier” yet this time she returns to the stage with a song about the world renowned artist Lady Gaga. Sporting a blue dress with some bizarre additions of shoulder pads and a hat, she looks just a tad similar to the singer herself but still much better looking. She is also joined on stage by four dancers who are dressed in astronaut like suits. The clip looks like it has been taken out of a Gaga video clip literally and that adds to the novelty. The voice is really strong yet I just cannot see Malta compete with such an entry.

13. One Flag – Maria Debono

Using the maximum of six people on the stage as stated by the European Broadcasting Union comes the song “One Flag” which features two backing vocalists, two dancers and also a guitarist. The entourage just mentioned are all clad in a shade of pink yet the main artist is wearing none other than a beautiful jade dress. Yet again, for the third time in two days, another problem in this song and the music is brought to a standstill as the microphone goes dead. The song will restart in just a couple of minutes………Here we go again……….The vocals are even stronger the second time round and it does not seem that the singer is being phased by the problems being encountered. A strong choreography aids this entry though the final result is a lot like what Malta had sent back in 2005 in the form of Thea Saliba and her song “Make It Right” therefore, I hope that this will not be the song that the Jury goes for.

14. Knock Knock!….Bum! Bum! – Nicole Azzopardi

One of the songs which features a Maltese lyric actually as stated in the title. The singer is wearing a very colourful top which is aided by shades of blue, pink, green and yellow whilst the skirt is like something taken off a peacock. The dancers who join her on the stage are very similarly dressed. The main genre of the song is latin and salsa yet there is predominant pop lying underneath. The vocals are actually very strong and despite a glitch in the beginning because of a problem with the microphones, the singer continues flawlessly. Using the traditional phrase of “bum bum il-bieb, ongi ongi ongella”, I am actually proud to be Maltese. This should be the entry to represent us in Belarus as it ticks many boxed.

15. Fantazija – Jodie Farrugia

Salsa and Flamenco return for this particular entry. The title which is also in Maltese is a catchphrase used within the refrain. The young singer is clad in pink and yellow dress as are her dancers who have an extremely cute choreography. The clip in the screens features a lot of colours and designs within frame of mind of Spain and Jamaica. A truly upbeat entry that would make one smile whilst hearing it. What could have been more impressive here is if the singer managed to put in a dash of Maltese lyrics in order compliment the title. Another strong entry but not a winner in my opinion although the team definitely ticks the cute factor option.

16. Love to share – Maria Christina Desira / Justine Delmar

Well a number of people have pointed out that this entry sounds similar to a former Maltese representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the form of the song “Music” by Cute yet I believe that despite the similarities, this is a stronger song which features beautiful trumpet sounds as well as piano and guitars. The vocals are really strong actually and I would not be surprised should this be the winner tomorrow evening. The catchy bit is surely within the refrain when the girls go “Whoaaaa Whoaaaa”.. Half way through, they were a pair of sunglasses with hearts featuring upon them.

17. Indian Girl – Kimberly Micallef

The second dress rehearsal is nearing it’s end actually yet this entry takes us to the country of the United States of America with a song about the Indians there. The costumes should be given the wardrobe award because they are utterly awesome so full ten marks just for that. The vocals are really strong and the harmonies between the main performer and the backing vocalists/dancers are really amazing. In the meantime, there is also a female girl playing a drum in the background. This is another feel good entry and I am almost sure that whatever is picked for this years’ edition, Malta is going to do well.

18. So Sweet – Courtney Farrugia

The Public Broadcasting Services deserve maximum points for the clip behind her which is like the windows logo on everyone’s’ computer. The singer is joined by her backing singers sitting on school desks clad in black and red plaid dresses. The main singer has a very cute image along with a very sweet voice although the repetitive title within the song namely “So Sweet” might get a little bit annoying after a while. I cannot see this entry winning though because I believe that in a strong year, it should not end up as the eventual winner yet an extremely good effort. I think the most positive aspect is a backing vocalist standing just behind the whole entourage.

19. Happy Day – M Five

The Gozitan group heralded by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Miriam Christine takes to the stage. Despite their name, they are actually four, three being girls dressed in blue skirts, pink tights and pink tops and a boy clad in pink jeans and a blue top. The singing is really strong and this has really improved since yesterday. The refrain is actually very strong and this will certainly be one to look out for because it is something that catches the eye and the ear at the same time. Mid-way through the song, some lighting techniques are used in order to make an even impressive showcase. It will also stand out because of the draw.

20. Let the Colours Shine – Nicole Marie Vella

Well, we have come to the final entry of the evening which comes from the extremely tall Nicole Marie Vella, the daughter of Debbie Scerri. The screens behind her feature a lot of colourful flowers and this has gladly improved since yesterday. Another entry which brings about a latin Spanish feel to the stage of this years’ Junior Eurosong competition. The vocals are good yet I am sure they could improve even further within the next couple of hours. This song could have done with a choreography yet she is brave enough to take the stage on her own. The camera work is really impressive knowing that she barely moves around the stage.

The Show (Part 2):

Following a recapitulation of each and every song, the interval acts starts to take shape within the form of Francesca and Daniel who have prepared a very special couple of minutes from a particular song which is very much reminiscent to this festival. In the meantime, this is followed by a solo performance of Daniel Testa. He performs his latest single “Crush” penned by Claudia Faniello and Dominic Cini. A really fresh approach towards his career. He will surely be one to watch out for in the very near future. Yet again another break though this time, only ten seconds of each song. In the meantime, the hosts are back on the stage looking quite slick as seen in the picture attached within this article. Reuben Zammit, Martin Mercieca and all the sponsors are thanked.

One of the faults in this years’ Malta Eurosong is a long feature about last years’ representative Francesca & Mikaela prepared by Francesca, Daniel and Valerie Vella. The feature takes us from them at the airport here in Malta to their respectable result at the end of the event. The clip has just finished and now Francesca & Mikaela are back on the Junior Eurosong stage performing the entry that took them to Kiev last year. Following that song, they sing a second song entitled “Count Me In” which they have just penned. The hosts are back on stage in order to interview last years’ representatives. An applause is given to the performers. All the participants are called on stage and suddenly the envelopes start to turn around virtually on the screen with the results fully announced.


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