JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion – Ukraine


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is surely a very popular family event here in Malta and also a showcase in which our younger generation of stars can express themselves through the medium of song. Our nation has participated since the initial event which was held in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. We give the event some extra exposure as it gets closer and therefore, that is why, we are continuing our feature “An Expert Opinion” today. We are going to be taking up each respective entry as drawn by the European Broadcasting Union just last week.

Our four experts have given us their comments and voted but you have to vote for each entry as well because the final result will be 80% Jury and 20% Poll Voting. Today, we will be bringing you the detailed review and biography of the charismatic Yulia Gurska from the nation of Ukraine who when performing her song “Miy Litak” on home soil, she will surely feel patriotic.

Biography (As Published by Junior

Yuliya Gurska is a very talented young singer from Ukraine. Despite being so young – 15 – she’s already achieved a lot in the world of music. Now she takes on another quest – representing her country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

Yuliya Gurska is a young singer from Vinnitsa – the heart of Podolskiy Region of Ukraine. She was born on the 28th of April 28 in 1995. Yuliya’s vocal talent manifested itself when she was 6 years old. When she was 7, her mother took her to a music school.

And since the age of 9, she has been trained in a pop and jazz vocal studio. As a soloist, under the guidance of her teacher Marina Maltseva, Yuliya has won numerous Ukrainian and international pop music contests.

The Comments

Niall Mooney: 7  from a possible 10

Very professional , great vocals and the arrangement is excellent. If this song is song 14 it it will help it a lot . I like how the chorus kicks in and the break is great. That’s it though I don’t like the resolution in the chorus or the verse. I can see this doing well but it wouldn’t be one of my favourites. However for sheer professionalism it must score high.

Ylenia Vella: 7  from a possible 10

The dramatic drum beat and the sirens used at the beginning of the song surely bring the listener’s attention. A pop and funky song which reflects the children’s energy and it also motivates them to dance along with the music.

Donna McCaul: 7 from a possible 10

Good song, seems a bit dated to me for Eurovioson now but who know this could do well. Chorus also sound very similar to the verse which could make it a bit boring at times. Maybe the song could do with a bit more “Umph” but may sound different on the night.

Annabelle Debono: 7 from a possible 10

This song starts off with an interesting introduction. The singer is quite good, the production is very good, however once again, it does not have any original characteristics that make it really stand out from the rest.


This is the first song in which all of our experts were actually in line with their scores because they gave the singer a good and respective 7 points each making the final tally as up to 28 from a possible 40 and that is quite a good score and actually the second highest at this point in time. The home country will surely get some votes based on its hosting so please be aware of this fact but I believe that this is as stated, a very interesting song.



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