JESC 2010: Nicole Looks Ahead to Busy Day


The Maltese representative in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Nicole Azzopardi and the rest of her team on stage will be having quite an extraordinarily busy day tomorrow as the week of rehearsals kicks off within the Belorussian capital, Minsk. The broadcaster responsible for the show, BTRC, are doing their best to organise an amazing show and so far, things are moving at an incredible pace.

The Maltese entry entitled “Knock! Knock!…Boom Boom!” is being mentioned as one of the front runners for next Saturday’s event and therefore the international press are keeping a close eye on her. She is set to wake up quite early because she will be doing her hair and make-up at quarter to eight with the shooting of the Maltese postcard set to take place just an hour later. Then following the shooting, all of the participants including our Nicole will be recording the theme song for this years’ event set to go on sale with all proceedings going to UNICEF. Being one of the front runners in this years’ event, she has also secured two radio interviews at ten in the morning at two different radio stations.

She is then free for the rest of the day with a number of rehearsals surely taking place in the room of the artist. In the evening then, the artist along with the Head of Delegation, Anna Dalli and the rest of the entourage have been invited to the Opening Ceremony. We will keep you posted with more updates as soon as the week unfolds. Watch out for some images coming your way.

Source: Daniel D’Anastasi


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