JESC 2010: A Dissapointing Result for Malta


In tonight’s Junior Eurovision, Malta placed 13th from the 14 competing countries, only surpassing the Ukrainian entry which has always been considered the weakest song of the contest, even by the bookmakers. There’s no way to go about such a result; after all the hard work and all the effort put in by the Maltese team, the result achieved is surely disappointing.

Nicole gave a very confident performance and considering all the pressure from the fact that the contest is watched by millions of people around the globe, she did Malta proud. The performance was quite similar to the one she gave in Malta and so was the attire, the live backing vocals gave the song the extra power it needed but this still wasn’t enough to impress on the night.

The hype around the Maltese entry has been quite quiet locally but as soon as Nicole arrived in Belarus, the media were quite drawn to the Maltese participant. Nicole was not only popular with the media but also with the other participants as they voted her as this year’s Queen of Eurovision. The reviews from foreign media have always been positive except for one web portal which continued to give Malta negative feedback, but on the night the feedback was much more positive – the feedback was mostly directed at the choreography.

Perhaps the Maltese entry did look a bit over rehearsed but who can blame these youngsters, who rehearsed over and over again to look brilliant on the final night. This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest was full of songs and singers of high calibre and the fact that the top four entries were so close in the points they received reflects this. The Maltese entry got a total of 35 points, gathering votes from six of the fourteen competing countries along with the bonus 12 points given to each participant at the start of the voting.

There were some rumours that this might have been the last edition of the contest but the EBU denied this and from what we’ve seen tonight there is a great possibility that the Junior Eurovision will continue. If Malta decides to keep participating in this contest we should keep one aim in mind, let the children have fun and enjoy all the whole experience. The younger the participant looks the better and no need to take each contest so seriously.

Some blame the neighbourly voting and although this has some effect on the actual result, the winning country and song always manages to appeal to the whole audience in Europe. In regards to the Junior Eurovision, the main elements have always been looking young, cute and as natural as possible. Another important factor is to have a song that appeals to the junior audience – this can be a fun song or even a huge ballad but the most important factor is that children would love the entry, if one goes amiss, the result will reflect that.

On behalf of the team of, I would like to congratulate all the Maltese team for its efforts in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest; I am sure it has been a great experience to all involved and one that they will forever cherish – no matter what the result is.


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