JESC 2010: Maltese Team Returns Today


The European Broadcasting Union assured the fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that the show is set to continue but the countries that will be present within the unknown destination next year are yet to be known. This years’ edition proved to be quite successful with all of the singers being extremely competent within their field whilst proving that competition can also be fun and rewarding. Unfortunately the Maltese Delegation were not rewarded on the scoreboard for all of their efforts but at the end of the day, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Following the show on Saturday, Nicole and the team went to the Euro-Club before going back to the hotel where they had pillow fights and water balloon fights. I am sure that this was the type of attitude needed following such a result actually. It shows that fun is important in such an event. Yesterday, they all had a very relaxing day touring the city of Minsk in greater detail and even going bowling amongst other things. All of the delegation had dinner together and then of course had some free time before going to bed.

ESCflashmalta was in contact with Daniel D’Anastasi to get a comment with regards to the result achieved and this is what he had to say “Nicole gave an excellent performance, all of Malta is positive about the performance as Nicole and her team truly did their utmost to achieve the best result for Malta.  Nicole kept positive all the way even if the votes did not come her way.” He continued saying that “Dimitri from First Channel Belarus presenter spoke very highly about the Maltese delegation and he thinks the Maltese team should be crowned for bringing a lot of good spirit.  He also added that Malta deserved a lot better, yet again being an island with no neighbour support is tough. Dimitri continued saying that at the Press centre everybody enjoyed Knock Knock Boom Boom and they voted fro Malta with the hope of Giving Malta a chance to end up with the top 5.”

In the meantime, Nicole and the rest of the delegation will be leaving Minsk tomorrow and in my opinion, we should do our best to go and see the Maltese team at the Malta International Airport. They will be checking out of the hotel at noon and then leaving for Frankfurt where they will stay for a while before catching another plane to Malta where they should arrive at 21:40 Local Time. At the end of the day, she made Malta proud and she deserves to know this. Through her facebook page, she has received a number of wished including from this years’ Maltese Eurovision Song Contest representative Thea Garrett who stated “Eurovision is what it is, Well Done! 🙂 xxx”



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