ESC 2011: More Countries Confirm Participation


The international media has been quite busy announcing the return of Italy to the Eurovision Song Contest and this is because of the comments that the broadcaster, RAI had passed about the event in the last couple of years. Yet it seems that the flair of the contest is returning with the individuals reaching higher result hitting the charts all over Europe meaning that they are being snapped up by recording labels quite quickly. Alas, two more nations, Bulgaria & Georgia have confirmed their return in the last 24 hours.

It was suspected that Bulgaria would not return to the contest following an extremely disappointing result last year when they had expected a very positive result apart from the financial troubles that they seem to be facing. Yet, they submitted their application on the 26th November and following a report on a reliable Bulgarian newspaper, all has been confirmed. The national selection procedure will be announced in due course though there has been no speculation like there was last year.


Another nation who marks their return is none other than this years’ favourite at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Georgia whose 2010 Eurovision Song Contest participation bore their best result ever finishing in ninth (9th) place with the song “Shine” performed by none other than Sofia Nizharadze Yet again, the procedure of how they will be selecting the entry will be announced very soon but it seems that GPB is going to try and win the event in the coming year ready to host.

Source: ESCdaily,, Wikipedia



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