An Expert Opinion: “If I Could Do It All Again”


A couple of years might make a whole difference for a local music scene which in Malta has predominantly featured a number of similar faces as we have went along but just about two to three years, a fresh artist with an amazing voice took centre stage of the biggest venues on both a local and foreign stage. I am speaking about none other than Raquela who is vastly becoming one of our premier names within the industry managing to reach an upper register of notes making her particular in a specialised genre. She has continue to further her vocal talent within the University of Malta as part of the ensemble there.

Her debut performance within the Malta Eurosong 2009 was clearly the stepping stone that she had been awaiting for quite some time actually and this is because people got to know who Raquela is especially with the song “Crossroads” composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg. Following the comments she had received back then, she decided to give it another go last year when she worked with the same team of songwriters to come up with the song “Here I Am” which despite being a little bit original, lacked a little in certain aspects.

The young, masterful singer has always showed her true colours when it comes to music and in fact during her first rise to fame during the reality television show “Simply Music”, her talent flowed through the veins of Maltese viewers having won the opportunity to perform as the supporting act for the British group Simply Red during a concert which they set to give. Apart from this, she has been performing in a number of concerts being organised, including the Rockestra amongst others but her crowning moment in recent years is performing with Gigi D’Alessio in Italy.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – An Indepth Analysis

Taking up the year in context, things are quite different for the artist because “If I Could Do It All Again” is a foreign product composed at the hands of Belgian Marc Paelinck, known for having written three different Eurovision entries in the last couple of years including Malta’s very own “What If We” by Chiara in 2009 and the lyrics were penned with the hand of the Austrian Mathias Strasser who first came to fame last year having had a song in Ireland which finished as the second runner-up within the Eurosong competition after former Eurovision Song Contest winner Niamh Kavanagh as well as Boyzone member Mikey Graham who also tried his luck.

Many singers are excited at making it to this stage and this is the reason why we decided on taking up the comment of each artist with regards to their current feeling and this is what Raquela had to tell us “Waiting for results is nerve wrecking! But knowing I have made it through to the finals means that it was worth the anxiety and the wait. I am overwhelmed and very excited for what is yet to come. I am really looking forward to a great upcoming show, great acoustics, and am ready to give it my all”. In the meantime, we have also taken the liberty to get a personal message for her fans and our readers with regards to the song itself and this is what she told us “If I could do it all again…I would. This song relates to anyone having lost someone dear to him or her, and would love to relive that experience over again with that special someone. The lyrics are dedicated to my grandmother who has recently passed away, too special to have been forgotten and a memory I wish will last a lifetime.  Both my grandparents have taught me a lot in life amongst which, re-gaining strength and the will to achieve, even in difficult times. If I could relive my memories with them for just one more day, I would do it all again.”


Through the Eyes of Our Experts

Niamh Kavanagh: Once again we have a strong female ballad.  I like the modern feel of this one, especially the chorus melody.  You can see this song and performance on the big stage. This is the strongest ballad so far for me, both in performance and content.  Could be a show stopper again so much depends on the live performance.

Nathan D: Beautiful. That’s all I am going to say.

Lina Eriksson: Really like this. Another excellent voice. A beautiful song, good build up. Still I like the verses more than the chorus. Great production, I especially like the stings. The mid8 gives the necessary lift just as it should. Breaking the song down at the end is something I really like, then again when it comes to the ESC it’s sometimes better to end really big and dramaticly…hmm

Keith Mills: Experienced Eurovision songwriters and you can tell from the moment this starts.  While it’s a bit “by the numbers” at times, it has a hook and the chorus gets the title anchored well in listeners’ heads.  Raquela delivers this very well. The last minute is very powerful.

Renée Pelendritou-Pozzi: Well I don’t like ballads usually… But this girl has a GREAT voice. Malta stop the contest and send this right now!!! This ballad has the same composers as Chiara’s “What if We” (shock!) – which I didn’t like actually – but I love “If I Could Do It All Again”. The light strings in the verses add such emotion to the song and it draws me in. Malta loves a good ballad and this is a definite finalist. Good luck in the final!

Final Message

We will also be bringing you an exclusive comment from the respective artist or act that will be one of the twenty-four (24) taking to the stage on Saturday 11th February 2011 and this turn goes to Raquela whose message to her fans and readers here at reads something like this “I would like to thank all supporters for watching and commenting on clips on You Tube and Facebook. It’s great to connect to fans via digital means, reading all their positive comments and showing their support for my work. It means so much to have people believing in a product I have created with my team, and this will make it even easier for me to deliver it perfectly with all my heart!”

We would like to wish Raquela as well as her songwriting team of Marc Paelinck and Mathias Strasser, the very best of luck with their project “If I Could Do It All Again” this year which will be performed somewhere in the middle part of the show between positions 07-12 within the running order.

Source: PBS


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