Belgium: Witloof Bay off to Germany


One of the nations which impressed within the last Eurovision Song Contest is surely Belgium whose “Me and My Guitar” performed by Tom Dice finished in sixth place within the final winning it’s respective semi-final. Over the last couple of weeks, we have following what has been going on with regards to the internet selection and then the actual semi-final which took place just days ago actually.

This years’ national final is entitled “Qui? A Vous De Choisir” signaling also the broadcaster which is hosting it being none other than RTBF. The entries which have made it to the final are of either quite average quality or of very good quality but that will be either for the people or the jury to choose actually. It seems like it is starting so ‘Bonsoir mes amis’ and welcome the live coverage of this evenings’ Belgian selection.

The Show (Part 1):

The show has started and the host is explaining how the candidates have been selected, all in French of course. Then the jury is being introduced with Sandra Kim who won the contest for Belgium in 1986 with her song J’aime la vie. The numbers have been shown on the screen to vote your favourite song.

Running Order:

01. Steve Linden – C’est la musique

A Circus act just like Spain last year is actually funny. He’s singing really great, I love the sound of his voice and I think this song has something special. He’s accompanied by a male and female backing vocal who are singing really great too. The “lalala” in the song gives an international feeling to the song. And about his outfit, it fits the song perfectly. Now the juries gave their vote and he got 2 times yes and 2 times no.

02. Nelza – Be my friend

She starts singing but her voice is not 100%. The outfits match so that’s a plus. The lighting is awesome and her singing improved a little. Maybe it were the nerves? Their voices match just like their outfits. I also like the violin in the song very much. And this is a favourite if I might add. Of to the jury: no, yes, yes, yes. So they’ve got one vote more than Steve.

03. Sarina – Rien en apparence

Another favourite and another french song. She begins to play the piano and her golden voice sounds through the hall. The crowd starts to clap along. The lighting fits the beautiful ballad. And to say this girl is blind, she is very talented! I don’t have much to say, I’m enjoying this beautiful song! And the crowd goes wild! The jury says: no, no, yes and yes. Sandra Kim thinks this is a beautiful song but not suitable for Eurovision.

04. Thayss N’ Bau – Somewhere with you

They start to sing and I think their voices aren’t 100% and the English of the male singer needs a little practice. The female singer is doing better than her male counterpart. The lighting is slightly the same as the song before but it also fits this song. The jury is giving them a no! And I think the people at home will take this into consideration when they vote.

05. Clac et Les Portes – Claquer les portes

Another violin with another french song. The singer has a nice voice but the song isn’t my style. The lighting is yellow and fits the happiness of the song. The outfits match and that’s an advantage. I don’t know if this will get the ticket. The crowd is booing! The jury is giving it a yes, no, yes and a no. I think if Belgium sends this, we’ll get the last place or so in the semi-final, sorry guys.

06. Chloé – Just one chance

Now it’s time for a Junior Eurosong candidate, she ended up 2nd in the Belgian preselection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This is a hot favourite. Her English is great just like the lighting and her glitter dress. It all suits this nice dance song. Her voice is really amazing. The backing vocals and her dancers are wearing black with a hint of light blue. What is the jury going to say? Four times a no and the crowd starts to boo! We’ll see what the public will do.

07. J Cool – Dans ma chanson

I like this jazzy song. His voice is great and the trumpets on stage look really nice. The lighting is pink with blue which I think suits the jazziness. The jury is again giving this song 4 no’s. I don’t know what type of song this jury wants but nothing pleases them.


08. Gautier Reyz – Addiction

Nice choreography to start this rock song with. His looks suit the song very much. He has a great voice but he looks like he has to force the high notes to come out. The lighting surely is awesome and goes great with the song. At the end of the song he looks tired and his voice couldn’t follow. The jury gave him 2 times yes and 2 times no.

09. .fen – Yes I know

A lot of pink lights for this song. His English could be a little better but his voice is very nice to listen to. The song keeps building until near the end it slows down again just to shoot up again. I got the feeling that this song was a little boring. The jury votes: 3 times yes and one no. The jury who voted no says the she wants to see more action on stage.

10. Witloof Bay – With love baby

A completely vocal group now. I remember Latvia doing the exact same thing in 2006. This ended up very low. Just a little information Belgium! The beatboxer is actually really great. Their voices go great together but I don’t see this scoring at Eurovison, sorry! The jury is saying a big YES. But I don’t see this qualifying.

11. Alexandre Deschamps – Elle merveille

The last french song of this evening. Again pink lighting is being used along with yellow. Their is an accordion on stage. His voice is nice but the song doesn’t appeal to me. The jury is saying a big no. The jury also says it’s not going to reach to other people.

12. Syla K. – Simple love

Now it’s time for the only Flemish participant tonight. She’s looking great tonight in a beautiful red dress. She singing with an amazing voice. Again pink and yellow lighting. The backing vocals are doing a great job too. Her English is perfect. Now it’s time for the jury to cast their votes. It’s 50/50.

13. Kaptain Oats – Reset

Red lighting with a white and black background. I like the beginning of the song but that’s all. He’s got a great voice but this song is just not my style sorry guys. The fact that there is a band on stage is a plus for me. What about the jury verdict? Two positive and two negative votes.

14. The Blazing – Our way

It’s time for the last song this evening. The women have great voices, the man his voice is rather low. When they start singing together it’s out of tune. When they sing separately they’re great, but together it’s a little disaster. Their English is great though. The jury is saying a big NO. I’m for once agreeing with them.

Time for a recap.


The Show (Part 2):

Time for another recap.

Sandra Kim will now perform ‘Anywhere the wind blows’. It is not live though.

Voting has ended!

They showed a clip when Sandra Kim won the contest back in 1986 because it’s been 25 years since she won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Time for the voting in style of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winner is Witloof Bay.

They will perform the Belgian entry again. I don’t like it sorry Wallonia!

Thanks to the RTBF for this magnificent show and for all the artists to give the performances of their lives.



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