ESC 2011: Azerbaijan and Sweden leading ESCflashmalta Polls


The Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest musical event in Europe and this is shown through the number of followers which it manages to attract from all over the continent through television broadcasts which have also reached the United States of America and Australia. Two of the most interesting factors leading up to the actual event are the betting odds and the polls which give an indication to the side in which the people tend to vote during the event.

This year, ESCflashmalta is conducting a very specialized poll in which each person is limited to one vote through a single IP Address. In fact, the polls which started simultaneously after each other have seen an influx of votes coming from all over Europe, almost from every nation in contention within this years’ event and some others not competing such as Luxembourg for example. It seems like the people have a strong favourite in each semi-final.

The first semi-final which is proving to be quite closed due to the fact that a number of nations have a brilliant record of making it through to the final has already amassed more than 400 individual votes and one clear leader has emerged. This is none other than Azerbaijan which has double the votes of the runner-up which at the moment is Norway which started strongly and lost the lead as the votes kept sweeping in. More weeks of voting yet to come and anything can change although the preliminary qualifiers of the first semi-final are as follows:

01. Azerbaijan
02. Norway
03. Hungary
04. Greece
05. Armenia
06. Turkey
07. Poland
08. Albania
09. Croatia
10. Russia


The second semi-final is known as the more open semi-final with quite a number of nations being possible qualifiers due to the fact that dominance of previous results is not an issue in this case. The votes hear are quite close to the 400 but still not there although the interest is quite high from a number of nations. The unnaissable lead is quite difficult to beat in my opinion even with so many weeks still to come but Sweden is leading by somewhat three quarters of it’s nearest rival which at the moment is none other than Estonia. The preliminary qualifiers of the second semi-final are as follows:

01. Sweden
02. Estonia
03. Bosnia & Herzegovina
04. Israel
05. The Netherlands
06. Ireland
07. Denmark
08. Slovenia
09. Austria
10. Romania / Slovakia


The poll is really shaping up to be quite an interesting procedure so if you know someone who has not cast his vote thus far, make sure to get him to vote so we can try and predict who will be making it through to the final of this years’ Eurovision Song Contest. Keep following ESCflashmalta for more updates about this years’ biggest European musical event.

Source: ESCflashmalta, Youtube


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