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The eleventh position in this years’ first semi-final has been given to our very own tiny nation of Malta whose participation within this event has been characterized by both positive and negative feelings. The problem of the Maltese is that they are not so good in accepting defeat and this is a mentality which has got to change because sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, it is clearly a matter of representing the country in the best possible way. This year, Malta is set to be represented by Glen Vella and his song ‘One Life’ which has been composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. This will be the first outing for all of them including the songwriters.

Biography of the Artist (Presented by

27 year old Glen Vella, born on 14th May 1983, will be representing Malta at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with One Life penned by Fleur Balzan and composed by Paul Giordimaina. The song obtained the highest points in the Maltese selection with a combination of a public vote added to the points given by an international jury, presided by Italian author, composer and singer Maestro Riccardo Cocciante. 2010 was a year to remember for Glen as besides placing as first runner-up at the Malta Eurovision national final, he was also nominated for the Best Male Artist at the Malta Music Awards. In addition, he has coached the team of Maltese singers at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belarus. Last but not least, Glen has performed a number of songs at the Top Sprint Awards, held in Sicily, Italy.


Another Song by Glen Vella

Glen is a resident singer on several leading TV shows in Malta. He has recorded various jingles and theme songs for Maltese TV series and radio shows. Other media related work includes live participation and singing on radio shows in Belarus, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Glen is thrilled by musical theatre stage works and he has held main roles in numerous popular musicals. Furthermore, he is actively involved in the prominent Maltese Gospel choir Animae, of which he is a member and founder. Through his participation in local and international festivals, he has managed to achieve outstanding results including a triple FIDOF Award obtained from three different festivals and the Jury Award which he received at the Golden Stag International Festival held in Romania in 2009. Other international acts include a live concert in Toronto in honour of the Maltese settlers in Canada and live performances at song festivals in Alexandria, Egypt and in Varna, Bulgaria.


Another Song by Glen Vella (In Maltese)

Glen has started his singing career at the age of thirteen. He studied both practical and theory in voice and piano. He is certified in voice coaching from the Victoria Music and Arts College, London. Singing is very important for Glen but in his own words: There Is More to Life! Glen in fact also works as a learning support assistant which involves working with persons with disability within the main stream schools. This is a profession that has reflected a lot on Glen’s positive outlook on life which is also reflected in the theme of his song Live and Let Live.

Chorus Lyrics

One Life
Show what’s in your heart
Love me like I love you
One life
Is all we get to live
Time to set your heart free
Chase the pain away
Move on and don’t give up
This time it’s all up to you
You can love yourself too

Through the Eyes of Our Experts

Katherine St. Laurent: I like the idea of the clip. We see people who stand out in their look or in what they do being happy and confident with the way they are. He does not have the strongest  voice either but it is nice to see someone with a lot of energy like him. The song has a nice dancing beat; I just don’t think it’s that catchy. I would love to give Glen 6 points from a possible 10 points.

Frank McNamara: Good singer. Typical enough Eurovision song – which may be it’s downfall. Not sure it will stand out. A lot will depend on the live presentation and performance. I cannot give him a passing mark though, 4 points from a maximum 10 points.

Charlie Rapino: And the winner is : Malta? I wish you so my dear friends , fans ! but actually this is quite original , very good video Glen’s a good singer I have a real weak spot for trashy dance pop tunes….oh well my vote is that of 6 points from a full 10 points.

General Information

Artist: Glen Vella
Composer: Paul Giordimaina
Author: Fleur Balzan
Song: One Life
Language: English
Broadcaster: PBS

History of Nation

This is Malta’s twenty-fourth (24th) participation within the Eurovision Song Contest and it is unknown whether there will be anything special that takes place next year commemorating the twenty-fifth (25th) entrant. The first entry for Malta was submitted back in 1971 when Joe Grech and his song ‘Marija l-Maltija’ went onto finish in last place. Unfortunately, things failed to improve in 1972 when Joe Cutajar and Helen Micallef also finished in last place with the song ‘L-Imhabba’. It was clearly noticable that the Maltese language was not having any success and our next participation in 1975 with Renato came in English with the song ‘Singing this Song’ finishing in twelfth (12th) place. A long stop until 1991 saw Malta concentrate on the scene but the success that it reached during the nineties will not be forgotten with consecutive top ten finishes from 1991 till 1998 including two runner-up finishes in 2002 thanks to Ira Losco and ‘7th Wonder’ as well as 2005 thanks to Chiara and her song ‘Angel’. Apart from these, there were also two second runner-up finishes in 1992 with Mary Spiteri and her entry ‘Little Child’ as well as 1998 with ‘The One That I Love’ sung by Chiara. Can Glen Vella reach the final and turn around the string of disappointing results for Malta?



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