Malta: ‘Know Me Better’ Video Reaches Germany


The relation between Fabrizio Faniello and Germany has always been very well existent due to the fact that his management, CAP Sounds along with his manager, Manfred Holz is based in the nation. His recent album entitled ‘No Surrender’ has been described by critics as one of the best he has released and his second single ‘Know Me Better’ which had its video premier just a couple of weeks ago through TVM’s ‘Ħadd Għalik’ is making strides in Germany garnering airplay of all kinds.

The song which has been written by Warren Bacci, Michael Johansson and Johan Bejerholm has managed to crack the video airplay of IM1 which you can access through the name itself. The video will be getting such airplay on the station until the 9th July 2011 with a number of dates and times set up in order to accommodate the viewers. We are giving you the schedule for the times it will be online so that you can also watch it through the aforementioned website.

01st July – 15:25 CET
02nd July – 22:25 CET
03rd July – 15:25 CET
04th July – 15:25 CET
04th July – 20:55 CET
05th July – 16:25 CET
05th July – 20:55 CET
06th July – 16:25 CET
07th July – 10:55 CET
07th July – 20:55 CET
08th July – 15:40 CET
08th July – 21:55 CET
09th July – 10:55 CET

We would like to wish the two time former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Fabrizio Faniello the very best of luck as he continues to reach out to the European audiences within his comeback which has been extremely successful within the Asian continent thus far. Fabrizio manages to show that success can be achieved even when one is knocked down and it thought to be out of the game for good.

Source: CAP Sounds



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