An Expert Opinion: ‘Ladies Night’


Each music industry is in a process of development and this is very important for it to survive days, weeks, months, years, decades and well even centuries. The upcoming generation is proving to be quite impressive so to speak with the general idea of music evolving quite quickly. The importance of nationwide events like the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest is appreciated even more because such showcases strive to promote the best in local talent and in fact, this is the second biggest festival in the English language here in Malta. Today, we are bringing you one of these upcoming stars in the form of Izzy who will be performing the song ‘Ladies Night’ composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Muxu.

Biography of the Artist

The artist at hand, Izzy, is known amongst her friends and colleagues as extremely loud and outgoing, fun to be with because she simply adores laughing. She cites her aim in life is to be happy and always looks at things from a positive perspective. Her addiction to the musical world goes back beyond one could imagine because she was born within an extremely musical family from her mothers’ side, noting that all of her family on that side play some form of instrument even if they never learnt to do so meaning only do it by ear. She recalls being a young child and having family recitals and she told us that this was a bonding experience and was a time which she will never forget. Being able to sing is a God sent and therefore, should you begin at an early or late age, the talent is existent regardless. Izzy has been singing since the day she was born because she can always remember herself doing so and the muse to either sing, dance or perform was always there, sometimes it dwindled in an area or two but otherwise, she has remained faithful to her craft.


Going on terms with the experience that Izzy has garnered over the years, it seems like she has been rising above from the ashes through a variety of hard earned acclaims. Her first original song entitled ‘Point Blank’ managed to make it to the finals of the XFM Virtual Rock-star Competition back in 2007 whilst she decided to return for another try in 2008 with the song ‘No Button to Rewind’ and managed to qualify once more, this time reaching the top five. Over time, she recognized the fact that each artist needs to make himself known to the people and therefore she accepted an invitation to take part within the reality television show ‘Don’t Stop Me Now held on Favourite Channel but this was not the only public showcase having performed in the United Kingdom just last October namely at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the 50th Anniversary Beatles Tribute Concert as well as other performances here in Malta such as with the Sliema Light Orchestra in 2011 and also Strummin’ Home last year.

General Information

Artist: Izzy
Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Muxu
Song: Ladies Night

Malta Summer Hit Song Contest 2011 – An In-Depth Analysis

Therefore, this will be the very first experience for Izzy in a local festival and thus also her very first experience being judges by experts. Well she has already managed to surpass the first judging phase of the competition but we have called upon three astounding individuals who bring a lot of experience to the table whether it’s on the radio, writing or also performing, encompassing three important elements which each artist sought to achieve in this competition. The debut is always an important part of ones’ musical career and therefore, we are glad to be the ones bringing you such as an artist. The atmosphere within a festival is normally very different from the one within a concert but this is a very friendly type of showcase and the contestants are very close to one another. We have asked Izzy to describe the song to those who are yet to hear it and this is what she told us ‘a catchy song, it is a song to have fun to. It’s a song that makes you Happy! And perfect for a night out with the girls! it’s an amazing break-up / pick-me-up song (believe me, been there done that – that’s why it was written!) and it’s a song that you just HAVE to move and dance to!’


The idea of success is always important for each and every artist and being able to be here is very important for every one of them whatever the result will be because the people at home are getting to know the people better at this point in time. We have spoken to Izzy about the competition in itself, being a part of it, what it means to her and this is what she uttered to us ‘Being part of this competition means a lot to me. Both musically as an ‘artist’ and in my personal life because for me, Ladies Night passing through to the finals was the light at the end of the tunnel and the silver lining and all that jazz. It gave me an amazing sense of satisfaction, a sense of ‘finally! I am getting somewhere and my effort is being recognized!’ The competition is less than a month away and thus we have also spoken to her about the songs in contention and whether she has any favourites and this is what she had to say ‘The level overall is very good and there are some amazing songs like Minik ft. Siconix’s – Let’s Party which literally blew my mind away (not just the song but anyway!! :p ). However there are some songs which lack proper diction (English spoken in Maltese) and mastering and would have benefitted greatly from a different, maybe more edgy, beat.’

Through the Eyes of Our Experts

Niall Mooney: One thing this competition shows me is that you folks should be entering songs more like this batch for eurovision. You are musically such a talented country.  Overall the standard is high . This is another good dance tune . Not unlike The Saturdays. Nothing wrong with it at all but just not pushing the envelope enough to win I think . Unfortunately I  still have Floren in my head but this is a solid tune having heard it just before. 6 points from me!

Evelyne Filipe: The song is ready to sell itself well on the radio in my opinion. Stunning! 10 points

Nathan D: This is a perfect example of how the singers image can change the whole impression on a song… better production, and this would be perfect. 7 points…

Source: Angelo Caruana Photography



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