An Expert Opinion: ‘Thank You’


The prowess of an artist lies deep within the sheer talent that they have embodied within them. Over time, a number of individuals have risen up to the challenge to impress and show themselves worthy of becoming the next person which the people will ultimately admire and hold well with regards to their idols.

The next artist whose entry will be reviewed by the three chosen experts for this years’ edition of the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest organized by Deo Grech and Natius Farrugia on ONE Television is one who has been seeking to impress the public by bringing in a different flare to the music scene, one which could impress if worked out well. I am speaking with regards to Floren who will be presenting the song ‘Thank You’ composed by producer Elton Zarb and penned by singer/songwriter Rita Pace.

Biography of the Artist

We have spoke to the artist about her art itself in fact and she tells us that her musical background has been one which has evolved as the years went by. Performing has always been within her street she tells us speaking about the fact that she has been performing for a total of eleven years starting out along with none other than leading Maltese artist Doreen Galea whose latest collection of songs entitled ‘Ommi’ proved to be a national hit due to the fact that the songs in it where poems written by leading local poets with a touch of music added by her son, Dominic Galea, a renowned songwriter. Back to Floren though, she recalls that being a part of the choir with Doreen has helped her become even more musical, delving more into her talents than ever before. Around three years ago, she sought change and created her band entitled ‘Chordust’ who have aided her into fulfilling her dream of becoming a performing artist.


Last year, round about October, Floren left to the capital city of the United Kingdom, London in order to record a single bearing the name ‘Amazing Skies’. She recalls this being the best experience she has witnessed thus far and would definitely go back to do it again if the opportunity arose. Her premier major appearance in Malta came earlier this year when two time former Eurovision Song Contest participant Fabrizio Faniello selected Floren to back him up for his rendition of ‘No Surrender’ which would end up as the third runner-up just behind Glen, Richard and Kurt. Within her life away from music, Floren is an accounts clerk but she does her best to keep going within the entertainment industry. Many people will become familiar to her as she takes up a new role as an actress in the coming months, working on the drama series, ‘Xablott’ to be aired on ONE Television this coming winter schedule in October.

General Information

Artist: Floren
Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Rita Pace
Song: Thank You

Malta Summer Hit Song Contest 2011 – An In-Depth Analysis

The pace keeps on gaining ground and we are now nearing the end of the review sessions as the festival edges closer and closer noting the fact that the date has been set for the 1st August in a yet to be named exclusive venue. The feeling of being within a festival for the very first time might be quite daunting but it does not seem to be phasing Floren because she is taking in the experience she managed to get during this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest held in February at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. We have spoke to Floren in order for her to introduce the song to the people who are yet to hear it meaning to describe it and this is what she had to say ‘Hehe! I think the author of the song Rita pace knew exactly what I’ve been trough because the song its like what I’ve been trough some time ago but into a song! so by that i can sing it more from deep!’


In the meantime, due to the fact that the festival is quite close, we have also spoken to Floren about the fact that she is indeed part of this competition and how it feels that this will be her second time performing in this festival as a solo performer and this is what she had to tell us ‘I feel like its another challenge in my life and after all, I will make sure that I do my best to win and also have some fun’. The songs have all been heard whether it is the solo versions that all the singers have now performed within the program once in playback mode and in duets with a number of popular singers as well as live performances which commenced just last week. We have asked Floren whether she had a favourite within the competition and she indeed does telling us ‘Yes i really love Minik ft Siconix and their song ‘Lets Party!’ I can say that’s my fav 🙂

Through the Eyes of Our Experts

Niall Mooney: This is close to the kind of stuff I listen to and I love the singer’s accent. Kind of Indy pop bit of Cranberries in there. I love this and even if it doesn’t win it’s my favourite. The production could be a bit better but I like the use of real instruments and that’s always harder to get right in a studio. I would be blasting this driving through St Julian’s in Natasha’s Turner’s car which I have taken without her permission :-)) And one more thing who is this girl ? Thank yoooooou Floren !!!!! 10 points for this one!

Evelyne Filipe: A rocker girl! Sounds like “The Cranberries” and Alanis Morissette. Nice, love her pitch and voice! Probably no one would found out that shes not an Anglo Saxon singer. Good job! And the song fits her like a glove. 9 points

Nathan D: Great voice… this is different, Elton produced some interesting stuff for radio with artists like Talitha & Muxu… I can see where he wants to go with this. 8 points.

Source: Angelo Caruana Photography



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