Azerbaijan: Host Nation Commences Proceedings


Azerbaijan, the last country to have won the annual Eurovision Song Contest, is now calling for applicants in order to get the right to represent their country in the next Eurovision edition of 2012 which will be held in their very own capital city of Baku. Those interested have to submit their applications as from October 15th to the 25th of the same month of this year.

Ictimai TV (the national Azerbaijani broadcaster), didn’t reveal much information regarding their 2012 selection except that artists have to have “a good voice, dancing skills and stage presence”. The station quoted that “the competition will be conducted in full accordance with the Eurovision Song Contest rules and requirements” ensuring “transparency and objectivity”. The voting, will be counting on both the judges’ and the public views’. Those interested singers can apply via this form by attaching some materials like; a copy of the ID card and Photos. No news has been revealed as in regards to the song. Can they win the contest again? We have to wait and see. The team of will keep you updated about this news.

Source: Ictimai Television


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