Malta: The Micallef Brothers Set to Duel Again


For the second time this year, following the huge success of last May’s first ‘battle’, brothers Richard Edwards and Wayne Micallef, have decided to move to the ‘second round’ of their battle; this time, bigger and better than the previous. It will be held at the City Theatre in Valletta on Halloween Saturday, that is, the 29th October. The Micallef brothers will be battling once again in aid of Puttinu Cares with Beatles and Pink Floyd songs, which the two ‘Mics’ have a particular taste for. The main idea behind this ‘battle’ is to expose more the musical talent in Malta, and at the same time, making it a charity event.

Richard Edwards made a triumphant entry in this year’s Maltese musical scene, following the 2nd placing in last February’s ‘Malta Eurovision Song Contest’ with a beautiful, country-ballad, “Finally”. In fact, Richard Edwards’ fans are now eagerly waiting for the launch of his album, for which, he teamed up with producer/songwriter Jan Van Dijck. Surely, this collaboration and teamwork proved to be an overwhelming success with “Finally”, which surely was, is and will continue to be greatly appreciated here in Malta, but also, in other European countries.

On the other hand, Wayne Micallef was also ‘battling’ with Richard during this year’s contest, with a song written and composed by himself, under the running title “Everybody Sing”, which, although didn’t make it to the first three placings, it sticked to its name sake and made everyone sing. Wayne has a very particular style in composing and writing which personally, I think is influencing, the Maltese music style in a positive way, giving it a new modern twist.

Both brothers are still involved very much in the family band “The Mics”, which includes also their sister, Michelle Mifsud. The band, which was founded by the sibling’s father, was the start of the musical journey of both brothers, and, although both Wayne and Richard have now gone separate ways, they still find time to dedicate to family band gigs, activities, invitations etc. Tickets for the “Battle of the Brothers: can be bought online from or from a number of retail outlets which could be seen through the official event page on Facebook along with all of the companies sponsoring this particular event. We hope to see you there on the 29th October 2011

Source: Facebook


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