Turkey: Hande Yener Ready to Honour Nation


One of the most successful countries at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years has surely been Turkey because following a long stint of disappointing results, they made a switch in the language they performed in achieving their premier success in 2003 when one of their most popular singers, who goes by the name Sertab Erener took to the stage with the song ‘Every Way That I Can’ just pipping Belgium to the top spot at the end of the evening. This marked the beginning of a new era for the nation and they have never looked back since. Unfortunately their first real downfall in years came earlier this year when they failed to make it out of the semifinal with the group Yuksek Sadakat and their song ‘Live It Up’.

One of the singers which many people would like to see representing her country is none other than Hande Yener having a formidable music career eight albums, the latest being just a couple of months ago under the name ‘Teşekkürler’ which actually means Thank You. She has been working with a number of well known musicians and will be looking forward to add to her hits in Turkey having managed a total of ten (10) at number one (1) position since the start of her career. In a recent interview with a Turkish tabloid, she stated that she would very much like to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest and bring back the event to her home country with a song and show that is world class material. The singer already was contacted to be the representative back in 2008 but negotiations fell though. This time round, she is the one presenting herself ready to bring back honour in the country.

Source: Acunn


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