Malta: Claudia Faniello to feature in Satire Comedy


“Min Imissu?, Malta’s first ever satirical TV show aired prime time on Television Malta, has already gained success after just 2 programmes. “Min Imissu?” comes from the producers of popular TV Series Deceduti and L-Evangelisti. It’s a unique comedy show where a variety of elements and characters are all blended together and juiced up with a solid dose of actuality, satire and good natured humour in a cabaret style show. In each programme, we meet a particular guest, who meets up all the different characters and who surely must be ready for any type of comment! Next Sunday’s guest will be one of Malta’s most popular female pop rock and rock singers; Claudia Faniello.

She grabbed she captured the attention of many when she entered in ‘Hotspot’, a TV show aimed at promoting new talents in 2005. The following year, she participated in the ‘Maltasong for Europe’ for the very first time where she won the ‘Best New Comer’ award. In the same year she won a prestigious festival in Malta (Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza) with her song ‘Ma Nafx’ . She won her place in the national selection for Eurovision in 2007 & 2008, where on the same night she was awarded 2nd & 3rd placings respectively with her famous songs ‘Caravaggio’ & ‘ Sunrise’ . Subsequently, Claudia also launched her first video clip for the song ‘Wild flower’. She had then started showing more publicly her passion to rock orientated music. Following that, she never kept back from the national selection fro Eurovision, and yet again gave her participation in the national finals in 2009, 2010 & 2011.

In 2010 she launched her first album ‘Convincingly better’ accompanied by a single named ‘I hate this song’ and a music video to go with it. The album gives a hint of the new Claudia who is experimenting different sounds then the ones known for, substantiating her versatility. In the same year, she was nominated for best female artist in the MMA’S and was invited as a guest artist in the Slovakian national final with one of her entries ‘Samsara’. Throughout her career, she has made appearances in varies countries in Europe some of which are Italy, Romania, Turkey, Montenegro & Serbia. She also collaborated with varies foreign Disc Jockey’s & rock bands. At the moment Claudia, is currently working on a new project which will render a different image & sound. Also, ESCflashmalta have also noticed that Claudia was one of the first to submit her submission/s in this year’s national selection for Eurovision during this week, which submissions have reached an astounding number of 161, 20 more than 2011.

So tune in this Sunday with the cast of “Min Imissu?”, this week featuring a great Maltese singer, Claudia Faniello, at 20:30 for a hearty dose of sketch based comedy from Gordon Bonello, Manolita Ellul, Maruska Mallia and some new faces from week to week, plus the lovely presence of host presenter Andreana Debattista, a former finalist in the Malta Eurosong competition. It is surely the ideal programme to chase away the blues and set the audience in the right mood for the week ahead.

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