Malta: Lyndsay launching “Love Sick” Music Video


After the release of Lyndsay’s latest hit single “Love Sick” this Summer, which is written and produced by Kenny D’Ugo and Dave Calleja, comes the official music video directed and produced by Ready Set Go Productions. It is going to be launched on the teen show “Crazebook” aired on Net TV, tomorrow, Saturday 5th November at 6:10 pm. The single “Love Sick” is yet another release from Lyndsay Pace’s upcoming album, which has already been hand picked by the local airwaves including the number 1 spot on Malta’s Top 10 Charts on the island’s most leading radio station, 89.7 Bay.

In the past few years or so, Lyndsay’s music career had gradually been building up as she had managed to show off her good qualities and achieve positive results in a variety of contests and other musical event. Apart from her solo career, Lyndsay had been selected to be part of Malta’s first and ultimate girl band “Vieve” during 2008 in conjunction with Silverscope music and XFM which was a thrilling and exciting project as the 4 girl band members were hand picked for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Having said that, Lyndsay had also been chosen as a resident singer on most of the popular TV shows these past few years such as “Pjazza”, “Saturday Night”, the entertainment day time program “Hadd Ghalik” and recently on the Saturday afternoon show “Sibtek”.

Lyndsay is working on her first pop/rock upcoming album at the moment, being the expression of her emotions and feelings through music itself as she is developing herrepertoire of new releases (apart from the latest single “Love Sick”) which have already hit the top local charts such as “System Overload”, “Zip It Up” and “Going Under” (together with a music video). In the near future, she will be releasing more singles from her repertoire. She continues to talk about the sound of the album and says that “the style we’re heading for is the pop/rock genre with an edgy twist combined including a mixture of attitude, pure energy, wild style and versatility at it’s best!” In addition, she also describes her songs as “the body of music with attitude”.

Last year, Lyndsay had been nominated for Best Solo Artist at the most awaited local music event of the year – The Bay Music Awards, which was definitely a turning point for her career during that time and also another achievement to be considered. This year, she has been nominated for two Awards; “Best Solo Artist” and “Best Song” (for the song “Love Sick”. Ongoing preparations are underway for an exclusive performance on the night.

With so much yet to offer, Lyndsay continuously tries her best to bring out the right elements to satisfy the diverse music taste in this industry, being that her main ambition is that she truly ends up leaving a major impact and making a successful mark in the music scene as an established artist sooner or later regarding the local area, or better yet, the international one.

Source: Official Website, Myspace, Facebook


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