Norway: Reidun Sæther is the Latest Melodi Grand Prix 2012 Participant


“I have been a Eurovision fan for as long as I can remember, and Sandra Kim was the great heroine. Finally, it is my turn to participate.” cheered Reidun Saether, who was announced by NRK as the next participant in the 2012 Melodi Grand Prix, through which Norway will decide the singer and the song for the Baku Eurovision Song Contest.

Saether, who is repeatedly referred to as “ the girl with the big voice”, said that her song gets her heart pumping and that “The song is real girl power and a love tribute at the same time. It is a song I really love to sing.” It was only this year that the Akershus girl has managed to participate in this kind of competition, after having been trying for years. Saether sees herself as “a perfect vocalist who is capable enough to sing high and low, weak and strong, without limiting herself.” The three people behind the text and music are Ovi, Thomas G (son) and Tommy Berre, who for years have proven that their musical compositions can be successful Norwegian-Romanian Ovi, managed to reach third place in the finals of 2010, while Swedish G (son) stood behind Carola’s hit “Invincible” and won with Guri Schanche in Norway back in 2007.

Source: NRK


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