France: Sandrine Francois Back in the Spotlight


One of the countries that has not been appreciated over the past couple of yeas has surely been France and this is despite the fact that the respective broadcaster, France 3 along with the Head of Delegation, Bruno Berberes have been pulling all the stops to reach that deserved success with a host of internal selections signifying some of the best talent that the country has to offer. In the past decade, one of the two artists to reach the top ten from the country was none other than the charming and beautiful; Sandrine Francois who worked with the magnificent duo made up of Patrick Bruel and Rick Allison on the song ‘Il Faut Du Temps’ which translates into ‘After the Rain’. Many had believed that it was the song to beat and with a stunning performance, everyone thought France would finally break the duck and win but then again, Sandrine finished in fifth place which was still a very well respectable result.

The Eurovision Song Contest was a great opportunity for the young artist with an album released by Sony Music France which unfortunately did not result in huge success. When talking about the possibility of a second album, creative differences were revealed and she left the major recording label and collaborated with a number of individuals and ending up performing some of the backing tracks to songs on Celine Dion’s last album in French entitled ‘D’Elles’ which peaked at the top position in a number of nations. It seems like Sandrine is currently working with the French broadcaster for the very first time in years through the programme ‘The Voice’ which will be commencing in France over the next year but then again, she has also been asking the public on which songwriter should eventually come up to write the song for the nation before naming none other than Lionel Florence who has written for some of the best singers in the country including former Eurovision Song Contest representatives Patricia Kaas, Patrick Fiori and Natasha St Pier. Keep following ESCflashmalta for the latest news about France and other competing nations in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

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