Switzerland: Lys Assia Makes Revelation


In the past couple of weeks, one of the nations which has very well dominated the source of news all of Europe has surely been Switzerland with their national selection set to take place in less than a month within the Bodesse Arena in Kreuzlingen. One of the surprise participants in the show will be none other than Lys Assia, the very first winner of the annual Eurovision Song Contest who will be vying to return to the prestigious musical event at the age of eighty two (82) with a song entitled ‘C’Etait Ma Vie’ written by a songwriter duo who have also both won the event in the form of the German; Ralph Siegel and the Frenchman; Jean Paul Cara.

The fact that she has managed to make it this far is already incredible but what is interesting is that pundits have installed her as the woman to beat on the 10th December 2011 when competing alongside artists, some of which are relative newcomers to the scene. Lys Assia who represented her nation in three consecutive years has already announced that for the national final, she will be wearing the same dress which she had worn when she won the event with the song ‘Refrain’ in what she hopes will be a stroke of good luck. The woman is an icon in Switzerland giving the country one of the two victories but the other one came thanks to the Canadian Celine Dion therefore making this one even more special coming from a national. Keep following ESCflashmalta for the latest news.

Source: SF


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