Azerbaijan: First Phase Complete With Second Phase Looming


The Azeri selection for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has now gained a very good pace with the first phase coming to an end just a couple of hours ago. It seems that the next round of the selection process will commence in just two weeks time according to the renowned national composer, Faiq Sujaddinov who is also a member of the jury which will see to the choice of the nation which is set to be represented on home soil thanks to the victory brought about by the duo made up of Ell & Nikki and their song ‘Running Scared’ which continued what has been a very good experience for the country in the Eurovision Song Contest placing high each and every year.

According to the same aforementioned individuals, there have been a hundred (100) performers who have been hoping to gain national exposure through this selection hoping to do the honour for their country. The qualification stage took place in three sessions, the 3rd, 5th and 7th November and the jury members stated that the talent is exceptionally high. In the meantime, they also asked the Director of Ictimai Television, who is a member of the steering group this year to be cautious about which of the artists to choose because of the high amount of good performers. The composer then went onto state ‘We should invite them to the national selection round every year and select from among them. We should prepare them for the competition. In such a grandiose competition, the musical taste, level of performance of an Azerbaijani representative is most important to me’ We would like to wish Azerbaijan the very best of luck with their selection process as they head to the capital city of Baku in May 2012.

Source: Ictimai


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