Hungary: MTV Extends Submissions Deadline


Almost seven years ago, a nation decided to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in hope of improving their results in the biggest musical showcase that the European continent has had to offer an in a way, consistency has been key because through smart strategies, the results have been on the mend and the country might be looking at some very interesting prospects in the years to come. Earlier this year, Hungary were represented by Kati Wolf and her song ‘What About My Dreams’ made it to the finals with relative ease where it languished in a lower position. The broadcaster has decided to revive the multi-artist national selection format in the aim of finding great tracks to represent them.

It seems that interest is either relatively high that an extension was asked or that it was quite low and therefore, more days needed to be added because MTV Hungary have just revealed that they will be adding another ten (10) days to the tally for submitting songs. Entries can be either from local or foreign composers and therefore, that adds to the spice of the competition. The national selection will be between January and February. There will be two semi-finals and one final and four acts would make it from each show with jury and tele-voting deciding on the final outcome. It will be quite interesting to see who will follow in the footsteps of Kati Wolf and represent Hungary in Baku, Azerbaijan. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: MTV Hungary


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