Malta: Another Episode of ‘Déjà Vu’ Airs Tonight


The year is quickly coming to an end and seriously, this year has been astounding in various areas but it has to be commended that the level of the private television stations has seriously increased in the past couple of months. It is a season to be jolly and with cold days ahead, there is some serious consideration to stay inside. Television is surely going to keep people company and once more this evening comes an episode of the fictitious yet real life situation drama known as ‘Déjà Vu’ which airs on NET Television as from 20:30 CET onwards. The pace of the story has been quickly developing now and for fans of local music, then you are always in for a treat as one (1) to two (2) songs are interpreted by the cast of the series. According to the recent survey accounted for by the Broadcasting Authority, they stated that the series is one of the most watched productions on the private broadcaster garnering a large share of audience figures, somewhat a noted success, something that the producer, Eileen Montesin is known for.

The story continues to gain promise with the main characters all making appearances during this evenings’ episode. Kicking off things with Jacob (Jurgen Manicolo), the lad who has a thing for two of the characters in the storyline being Beth (Christine Haber) and Sharon. He is making it too apparent that he likes the latter though and in fact, he is somewhat skeptic of her when she speaks to him in a kind manner. He is always portrayed as the one down on his luck and therefore, this change of heart is quite an interesting turn of events. Coming back from Italy, most notably Taormina, Louise (Mary Spiteri) is still feeling a little bit furious noting that her weekend with the Mayor (Mark Haber) was a bust having to take her secretary (Eileen Montesin) instead. The person that ends up being the one to get in the way of the bad mood of the Headmistress is Hazel (Clare Agius) who is also the same individual whom the Mayor had asked her to hire in order to spearhead the after-school classes at St.Louis College.

Hazel has her own problems noting that the Christmas show might prove to be quite poor in design without any props and therefore turns to Chris for brand new ideas. In fact, this character will be seen in a brand new light to see what he is actually trying to do within the story, what his role will be and whether he will take over the whole Christmas show at the sixth form. The literal idea of Christmas is given prominence through the trimming of the tree noting the shots of various characters including Nicole who is also quite furious and Beth who manages to enter this story-line as well. Then again, her mother, decides to buy a brand new Christmas tree but something happens and when Jacob loses his mobile phone. There are several innacuracies which will be divulged during this episode, therefore stay tuned for more this evening!

Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin. Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song ‘Déjà Vu’ performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005.

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