Albania: National Selection Kicks off Tonight


Following the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, several countries made their intentions for the upcoming event known and with a number of national selections commencing quite early, many fans were poised to come into the spirit of music through the past couple of hours as the preparations for the fiftieth edition of the Festivali I Kenges continue. This evening will mark the beginning of the showcase with a host of artists taking to the main stage in the hope to continue competing as they fight for the right to be called amongst the finalists.

The Albanian broadcaster, RTSH, responsible for putting up this showcase to the rest of the nation has appointed three hosts for the job this evening and for the rest of the festivities and these are; Nik Xhelilaj, Hygerta Sako and Enkeleida Zeko. Initially, the news about this years’ edition was hard to come by and when the list of names was revealed, so were the rest of the details. Many people will note that this years’ edition of the Festivali I Kenges will be a fight between upcoming names in the scene against veterans who clearly need no introduction. Find the competing acts in this evenings’ semi-final just below and note that ten (10) will make it through to the final on Thursday evening.

  1. Gerta Mahmutaj – Pyete zemrën
  2. Entela Zhula – Ndjehem Bosh
  3. Bashkim Alibali – Këngën time merr vehtë
  4. Samanta Karavello – Zgjomë një tjetër ëndërr
  5. Endri & Stefi Prifti – Iluzion
  6. Rona Nishliu – Suus
  7. Rudina Delia – Më kërko
  8. Marjeta Billo – Vlen sa një jetë
  9. Claudio La Regina – Kur të pasha
  10. Herciana Matmuja – Aty ku më le
  11. Orinda Huta – Dorëzohem
  12. Altin Goci – Kthehem prap
  13. Elton Deda – Kristal
  14. Evans Rama – Ti nuk mundesh
The competition is staged over a number of days and commemorating such an anniversary, it has been decided that the third evening will be dedicated to the best songs between 1962 and 2000 with a special committee asked to chose the best twenty six (26) songs, all of which will be performed on the 28th December 2011. It is important to note that only one song per composer had to be chosen because od the multiple entries over the years. Most od the songs will be sung by the original singers but some of them will also be sung by young singers who have given a lot to the showcase in recent years.

Source: RTSH


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