United Kingdom: Russell Grant Invited to Compete in Malta


The British public seem to thrive on reality television shows, hence the fierce competition between the two major broadcasting channels being Independent Television (ITV) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) who showcase the ‘X Factor’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ almost in the same time-slot. One of the contestants on the latter show was none other than the astrologer and entertainer; Russell Grant who has gained critical acclaim during his time on the show for his extravagant attire as well as his dance moves with his professional partner on the show, Flavia Cacace having to put a brave face at times due to his astounding or rather hilarious routine outcomes. Russell has already proclaimed to be a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest as he stated that he would love to represent the United Kingdom but according to the British Tabloid; The Sun, he seems like he was asked to do the honours on behalf of Malta.

The organizers of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest are the Public Broadcasting Services and the call for entries to compete in the selection process was actually announced way before the start of season nine of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and therefore this news item is surely not true but then again, this would have proved to be quite entertaining. A close friend to the entertainer continue adding to the claims stating ‘He was thrilled but a bit perplexed to be asked to represent Malta as he has no link to the country’. Russell has already released a cover of the song ‘No matter What Sign You Are’ back in 1983 but would not process the request as he would love to represent the United Kingdom with initial talks with the British Broadcasting Corporation already held. Keep following ESCflashmalta for all of the latest news about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest along with the British participation in the largest musical event in Europe set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Source: The Sun


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