Portugal: Songwriters for Final Revealed


Last night, the Portuguese national broadcaster, RTP, revealed the names of the twelve (12) composers that will compose the potential 2012 candidate entries for the upcoming Festival Da Cancao 2012. Each composer was assigned to a particular singer in order to tailor make and compose a song which best suits his/her vocal skills.The national final is scheduled to be held in Lisbon on March 10th. Portugal is the longest competing nation in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest to have never achieved the top placing and the closest they have been has been a sixth place finish which is somewhat quite disappointing. Nevertheless, this means that they try and work harder every year hoping that their efforts since 1964 will ultimately pay off and result in the result that they have been wanting for a long time.

This year, the Portuguese took up a new and different route, one which ultimately be based on the best songwriters of the country as revealed below along with some of the most notable upcoming talent in terms of vocal capabilities. There were a number of performers who skipped the audition phase due to their history in the music industry thus making them ‘professionals’ but for the most part, they are newcomers to the scene. The standard is stated to be quite good and the Portuguese broadcaster is very happy with the quality of the artists. You can note the songwriters and those who will perform their song below.


01. Composer: Tozé (Per7ume)

01. Singer: Gaspar Santos

02. Composer: Tozé Brito

02. Singer: Tó Martins

03. Composer: Johny Galvão (Rosa Negra)

03. Singer: Pedro Portas & Susana Gonçalves

04. Composer: Jorge Fernando

04. Singer: Filipa Sousa

05. Composer: Miguel Gameiro

05. Singer: Pamela Salvado

06. Composer: Armando Teixeira (Bala)

06. Singer: Vânia Osório

07. Composer: Menito Ramos

07. Singer: Arménio Pimenta

08. Composer: Jorge Cruz (Diabo na Cruz)

08. Singer: Pedro Tomás

09. Composer: Tiago Dias (Amor Electro)

09. Singer: Joana Leite

10. Composer: Miguel Majer (Seda)

10. Singer: Rui Andrade

11. Composer: João Só

11. Singer: Carlos Costa

12. Composer: Nuno Feist

12. Singer: Ricardo Soler


Last year, the nation had to face the music when the group Homens da Luta and the protest song ‘Luta è Alegria’ which failed to make it to the finals despite the recognition it got worldwide based on the message that it wanted to portray. Then again, in the previous three years, Portugal had managed to make it out of the semi-final obtaining a mid-table position each respective time. We would like to wish Portugal the very best of luck and we would like you to stay tuned as we delve into the Portuguese selection for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Source: RTP


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