The Critics Choice: ‘Look At Me Now’


Whilst some people manage to shine quickly in their careers, others might be taking that step back before coming into full circle making sure that appreciation is key to being achieved at the right and opportune moment in time. Over the years, the local music industry has seen a number of people come out of their shells; bring about their very own material with the sheer dire consequences of not thinking it through. This is surely the wrong way to go about things especially when working longer one material would ultimately suffice in sublime preparation. The issue is that it might not really be up to the artist to rush her work and it could be down to the respective songwriter as well and that is something which should be looked at from a perspective. When success does happen; clear cut analysis has to be done in hope of maintaining it. Next up to be given an opinion by our music professionals is none other than Richard Edwards.

Richard Edwards is quickly becomes one of the most sought after artists in Malta for his sheer professionalism, charm and talent. His road to fame was not as easy as one might make it out to be because his debut in the local music industry comes through the Malta Song for Europe alongside his brother Wayne Micallef and his sister Michelle Mifsud. They had taken part first in 2003, with the song ‘Take Me Back Again’ and then also in 2005 with another track entitled ‘It’s Up to You’. Since then though, Richard had moved to the United Kingdom and even auditions for the X Factor making it to the second phase finding himself in the same group as worldwide superstar Leona Lewis. Nevertheless, his solo career in Malta took off back in the 2010 edition of the Malta Eurosong competition when he took part with his self-composed and self-penned entry ‘Change’ which many people thought should do well but ultimately failed.

Nevertheless, he did not give up and in the following year he returned to the esteemed musical fanfare with another track entitled ‘Finally’ composed by Jan Van Dijck and penned by himself and this one did make it through to the finals, one of the best national selections presented for Malta in a very long time. He ultimately won the jury vote during the final night but the people were still warming up to him putting him in third place and therefore the end result was just a two point gap between the winner and the runner-up. Many people still agree to this day that he had the winning entry and would have done Malta proud in Dusseldorf. Nevertheless, this did not happen but his summer was quite busy taking up a position to sing duets with upcoming artists on the show ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ organized by Eileen Montesin, which she also hosted. A very good promotional stage for Richard and people got to know him better.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – An In-Depth Analysis

The leading male performer in the music industry at the moment comes into the competition for the second time as a soloist and this will surely be a song to look out for if momentum has a habit of running high. His song entitled ‘Look At Me Now’ is composed by Jan Van Dijck and penned by Richard Micallef, which in turn is the real name of the performer. The song is very different to the song that he presented last year because despite being a ballad with a rock feel and some very minor country sounds in bits and pieces of it. Nevertheless, it might be less instantly catchy than last year but a mean, beautiful song it is and holds itself in the highest regards with fans and music listeners alike.

The composer of the track is none other than Jan Van Dijck whose history with the Eurovision Song Contest is much more vast than initially expected actually having written the song for Portugal back in 1990 for example. His latest try in his native country though would come in 2008 when he would submit the song entitled ‘Obrigatório ter’ finishing in second place. Richard Micallef has written all of his songs and has also helped on the songs performed by the family trio of The Mics. He is one to be reckoned with in terms of songwriting showcasing a multitude of skills in terms of both music and lyrics making him a triple threat so to speak of combining his voice, music and lyrics together.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 62%

Steve Allen: Don’t see this having impact at Eurovision – ordinary rock with an ok chorus

Carlos Coelho: Good song, it could be a interesting winner. Good luck to Jan Van Dijk, from Portugal!

Sharon Vaughn: Clearly … One of the best male singers in the group. Very powerful.

Martin Isherwood: Strong musically. Not clear what the meaning is or how the lyric supports the title.  Good strong chorus melodically. Could really do with something the audience can identify with as it sounds personal.  Good strong voice. Clear supportive production. Good, could be great if the lyrics had a point of engagement.

Charlie Rapino: He is a brilliant performer but I just cannot relate this song to him and that it itself is quite disappointing because it is not fair on him.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic


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