Austria: Österreich rockt den Song Contest – LIVE


Austria is one of the longest competing nations in the Eurovision Song Contest who triumphed back in 1966 thanks to Udo Jurgens and his track ‘Merci Cherie’. Despite this though, their results since the millennium have not been astounding with only one top ten result coming in 2003 thanks to Alf Poeir and his ‘Weil der Mensch zählt’ which accumulated some one hundred points to finish in sixth place. Following another disappointment in 2007 with the song ‘Get a Life – Get Alive’ performed by Eric Papilaya, the nation stopped participating only to be convinced to return just last year with reality television show star, Nadine Beiler and ‘The Secret Is Love’ which made it to the final to finish in eighteenth position.

Guten Abend Wien! Welcome to the live report of the Austrian Final which is being organized by the national broadcaster, ORF. The selection will be similar to the one organized last year actually with a radio pre-selection having been presented earlier on this year to select which ten (10) acts should be performed this evening. Two of them will also be making it to the ‘super-final’ following a round of tele-voting where two (2) acts will fight it out against each other. There will be a number of interval acts during the showcase including former representatives such as Mariann Mendt (1971), Petra Frey (1994), Eric Papilaya (2007) and Nadine Beiler (2011). You can watch the show through the web-stream offered by the Official website of the Eurovision Song Contest along with our live report by Olivier Vanhoutte!

The Show (Part 1)

Three hosts this evening as the show commences live from Vienna, Austria. They are explaining that this is the selection process. It is quite interesting to see how they are dressed with two hosts being very casual as the other is quite formal. The entries are now being introduced accordingly but before, we also see a map of Europe to see where Azerbaijan is for the sake of those who might not know. The first clips are now being introduced and they are interviews with the respective artists.

Running Order

01. James Cottriall – Stand up (09010 5909 – 01)

The first song is now being presented and the singer, James is clad in a red jacket, somewhat quite casual. The stage is impressive and features a lot of arrows which represent the title of standing up. He is joined on stage by a band and also backing vocals. The song is a melodic pop/country track which would not be out of place if performed completely acoustically. The vocals are not at their best in the beginning but I must say that he picks up very quickly and this is a ditty little opener this evening. The diction is impressive and I can understand every word he is performing, something which has become quite detrimental in the case of other nations. The people enjoy this one inside the arena.

02. Krautschädl – Einsturzgefohr (09010 5909 – 02)

Long breaks are expected between performances people so brace yourselves. Nevertheless, the perfect stream brings about the second performance of the evening. The group are introduced to be a mainstream pop/rock band and the song seems to be very much in the same genre. The group made up of three members, features a guitarist, bassist and a drummer and they are joined on stage by a backing vocals. The main features of this song is surely the lights actually which are being used consistently. One of the members somewhat things he is a rocker and just keeps putting his tongue out. A nice effect mid-way through the song is a black and white slow motion effect which is done as the music is also slowed down. The lights are green and I am seriously impressed with such a display.

03. Valerie – Comme ça (09010 5909 – 03)

One of the songs which impressed me in studio version. The stage is bathed in red lighting and stays that way. The singer on the other hand looks very much like Serbia’s Nina with a short green dress and short blonde hair. She presents a jazz/swing type of entry under the name ‘Comme Ca’ She is joined on stage by a band who seem to be enjoying themselves on stage with a very nice feel good vibe. The singer is singing this beautifully and it is the very first song I can see being performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. The lyrics are quite funny but that is surely just taking the mickey out of things. An extremely well performed track and a possible contender tonight!

04. 3punkt5 – Augenblick (09010 5909 – 04)

Black and white effect in the beginning of the track and it seems that these are the Austrian version of the popular group ‘NDubz’ in the United Kingdom. The main singer does challenge Tulisa in the looks department and has strong vocals. The genre of the song is less mainstream featuring pop with a lot of rap yet it is definitely not boring. It definitely adds variety to the evening. The female performer is wearing a shimmering silver dress whilst the second rapper appears through a show in between her legs. They are much  more casual as rappers normally are. The performance is further enhances with backing vocals which might not be required. This is performed well but I just cannot see this at the Eurovision Song Contest!

05. Conchita Wurst – That’s what I am (09010 5909 – 05)

A contender for the victory at just the sheer mention of her name because the people have gone mad as expected. A glittery silver dress with a lighter cream tail for Conchita who sports long black hair and a beard. She is joined on stage by three female backing vocals who are all in long gowns. The background screens are very simple featuring what seems to be a spectrum like design. The lighting is effectively used to emphasize the stronger bits of the track which is a fusion of pop and schlager. The vocals from the artist are just superb and she is definitely taking this seriously. The people are enjoying this one as much as she is and that is quite important, noting that mid-way through the song they are standing up and shouting.

06. Mary Broadcast Band – How can you ask me (09010 5909 – 06)

The amin singer is clad in a shimmering red dress which complies with the rest of the team on stage which comprise of two female backing vocals and two male vocals, one of each who carry acoustic guitars. There is a piano player also on stage. The song is too calm for my liking because the genre is once more pop merged with country this time round. The song is clearly written for the Eurovision Song Contest because even the lyrics seem to imply so, but unfortunately this is not too much of a good thing because one has to note that it is dated. Bland and would definitely be forgotten in Baku, Azerbaijan amongst all of the other tracks which would bear somewhat stronger melodies.

07. !DelaDap – Don’t turn around (09010 5909 – 07)

Another swing type of entry being presented on stage. It is quite interesting to see someone clad in very formal clothing this evening .They are joined on stage by four other artists on stage who do several other things such as play instruments and sing. The song is nothing to write home about and it could easily be a bathroom break during the Eurovision Song Contest. The screens in the background are very impressive featuring the song title but despite very strong vocals and a rather interesting performance, it just does not do it for me especially when the evenings’ Disc Jockey opens up the floor during the break with a dance track.

08. Papermoon – Vater, father, mon père (09010 5909 – 08)

It is quite funny that one initially gets feelings of Nicole and Germany back in 1982 actually yet this is the case with the melodic music that is being played as the backdrop for this song. The main performer, a female is actually part of a group called ‘Papermoon’. There are all dressed up in black and the song sounds extremely sentimental despite the fact that could not understand the significance of the track. There is the inclusion of a drummer and two backing vocals on stage. I just love how this is coming across on the screen and yes, it might be slightly too slow but then again, it somewhat also reminds me of Latvia back in 2005. Well Done! This is beautiful!

09. Trackshittaz – Woki mit deim Popo (09010 5909 – 09)

The penultimate track of the evening comes from the 2011 runners-up and it seems that they  have upped their game this time round. I am not their biggest fan and cannot understand all the hype which surrounds them. The male duo is clad in suits this evening but then one ruins his outfit with a green hat which is very much out of the whole style. They are joined on stage by three scantily dressed females and when the song goes into a ‘oohh oohh’, there are some very wrong images of butts and crotches, very awkward, I mean Austria .. seriously? The song is better than the one presented last year but do ont expect to get through to the finals in Baku with this song, Austria as you are really mistaken!

10. Norbert Schneider – Medicate my blues away (09010 5909 – 10)

The last track of the evening is a swing/country track, a genre that has become quite popular in recent years. The main singer is clad in formal attire, a grey suit and the act he has with him on stage portray that American feeling of the past. He did not take it completely seriously, as the microphone could have been an older one as used earlier. The vocals are spot on and this track is very catchy. Well done on such a passionate performance and I must say, such a song would not be forgotten at the Eurovision Song Contest. The crowd seemed to enjoy that quite a lot and as the host speaks out, the dance music continues. I really fell in love with this and starting clapping along.

The Show (Part 2)

The songs have now come to an end and the host re-addresses the audience with the numbers of tele-voting before making sure to show the recap of the evening so that people can remember the tracks and see them in competition one after the other. The show is back online following a commercial break which featured a lot of the artists’ songs as singles this evening proving their popularity. Nevertheless, now the time of the guests will soon start but another quick recap before hand. The shots in the greenroom depict all of the ten acts as the voting continues. The voting is over and the superfinal will be featuring Trackshittaz! and Conchita Wurst. This was expected considering their high Itunes placings. Clips of the songs already chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest. The two super-finalists are back on stage as they perform their songs once more. Conchita receives a standing ovation from the crowd and extremely loud cheers as she does it another time! Trackshittaz! are also performing now and they are receiving a strong applause but not as strong as the one of Conchita. I think should they win, it would be somewhat a travesty! The travesty happens; as Trackshittaz! are announced as winners!


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