Ireland: Jedward Chosen for Baku


The Late Late Show Eurosong special has just come to an end and it was quite the showcase to follow featuring some great entertainment for the evening with some brilliant voices that the Irish country has to offer to the rest of the continent. The public broadcaster being RTÉ selected five mentors in the lead up to the competition who had to choose both the act and the song to present with the possibility of going to the Eurovision Song Contest. In the long run, the list featured new and established talent but the favourite had long been noted down so much so that many people were somewhat just watching for the sake of doing so with the fight for the runner-up still being guaranteed. In the long run, there were no surprises and Jedward along with the song ‘Waterline’ written by Nick Jarl and Sharon Vaughn.

The showcase from all of the acts were somewhat shunned by being shown within a television studio where the sound, visuals and other aspects of possibly brilliant performances were very much below par. In the long run, Jedward ended up winning both the jury with a very slight margin and the tele-voting with a much wider margin of course. That would make their result the best possible one for the evening. They have already been installed as favourite to win according to the betting odds just ahead of Norway and Denmark. In the meantime, the song ‘Waterline’ is already surging on the Irish Itunes charts, peaking at number #6. Ireland will be competing in the first semi-final to be held on the Tuesday and they will have stiff competition but the act will be re-arranged for a larger staging and will surely do well. Could it be possible that we head to Dublin in 2013? We will see in due course, stay tuned for more news on ESCflashmalta.

Source: RTÉ


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