Italy: Nina Zilli Shortlists Three Songs for Baku


The community surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest has been in a buzz since last Saturday night following the announcement that Nina Zilli would be representing Italy in Baku, Azerbaijan because the talented artist had been well discounted prior to the taking to the stage of Sanremo with the song ‘Per Sempre‘ which she made it to the final with having also won the first night of voting thanks to the people in the venue. The choice was arbitrary between the broadcaster; RAI and also the record label that represents the artist being none other than Universal Music Italia. There has been a lot of talk about the song that she will be singing in the final of the European music event but there is no confirmation as of yet.

According to leading newspapers, Nina Zilli who is desribed as the Italian version of the late Amy Winehouse has made a shortlist of three tracks alongside representatives of both the label and the broadcaster. The first track which she has presented seems to be the song she was competing with during the Sanremo competition entitled ‘Per Sempre‘. The second track which seems to be the most favoured at this point in time is ‘L’Amore è Femmina‘, the title song of  her latest album and last but not least, the final song also a track on her new album bears the name ‘Per le Strade‘. The decision of the song might be revealed only at the Heads of Delegation Meeting unless the European Broadcasting Union offers more time.



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