Georgia: ‘I’m a Joker’ to Undergo Revamp


In the past, Georgia have presented themselves with various genres, and with astounding performers but that seems to be a case of the past following the selection of Anri Jokhadze last weekend. The song which he is presenting to the showcase entitled ‘I’m a Joker’ fuses to many loud sounds together in lyrics which do not make any sense at all. Nevertheless, it seems that there is still hope for the song following the fact that the broadcaster, GPB along with the performer will be making a completely overhaul and re-production with the aim of presenting a version which will be enjoyed by the masses.

The person which they called in to help remake the osng is Giga Kukhianidze, the producer most known for helping out in the most successful Junior Eurovision acts to represent Georgia. He was the one who composed and produced the winning entries of the same aforementione dnations being ‘Bzikebi’ and ‘Candy’ whilst also looking after ‘Mari Dari’ in the same event back in 2010. Anri himself already has experiecneat the Eurovision Song Contest having backed up Diana Gurtskaya. Earlier this week, the performer was on a television show known as ‘Apples of Paradise’ stating that he will representing his country with great honour and hopes to be successful in the long term. He will be taking part in the second semi-final in direct contention with Malta’s Kurt Calleja who will present the song ‘This Is The Night’.

Source: GPB, ESCDaily



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