Eurovision 2012: Results from Estonia and Lithuania


The national finals season is coming to an end and in fact, two nations were hosting their final semi-finals last night with the national final looming just a couple of days away. Estonia and Lithuania were both finalists in the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but there results left a lot to be desired finishing at the lower end of the right hand side of the scoreboard unfortunately. Still, the songs being presented in both countries is quite good actually and that might only mean positive news should the right song from each respective nation is chosen.

The first show that took place during the course of the evening was the one in Lithuania which actually features pre-recorded performances. The marks of the jury are normally released the day before giving one an indication to how the result might be but then again with another 50% of the final say going towards the public, there have been shifts in the final tally which have proven to be quite interesting. The final which will be completely live is set to take place next week whereas tele-voting will play a role during the first part of the evening until the best three (3) songs are chosen when the jury alone will be called to select the representative of Lithuania in the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The qualifiers from last night can be seen in bold just below along with their respective performances. This showcase will also be featuring guest performances from Kurt Calleja for Malta and Anggun for France.

  1. Beissoul – Why
  2. The Independent – Baby
  3. Multiks – Star
  4. Vytautas Matuzas – Take it back
  5. Alive Way – Amazed by you
  6. Katazina – Euforija
  7. Monika – Happy
  8. Vig Roses – Come back home
  9. Bekeso Vilkai – Letter by letter
  10. Donny Montell – Love is blind
  11. DAR – Home
  12. Simona Milinyte – One of a kind
The other nation which hosted their second and final semi-final is the Baltic nation of Estonia which has always been known for being extremely avant-garde in their respective choices. This years’ songs are not too much different from a nation who has proven successful throughout the years, winning the event back in 2001 at the hands of Tanel Padar & David Benton. They would ultimately follow it up with a second runner-up result thanks to Anna Sahlene and her song ‘Runaway’. Results did dwindle following that one actually but they have had their moments of glory for example in 2009 at the hands of ‘Randajad’ by Urban Symphony which finished in sixth place. Nevertheless, they did make the final of the event last year thanks to Getter Jaani and her song ‘Rockefeller Street’. The list of the finalists can be seen just below with the finalists of last night in bold.
  1. August Hunt – Tantsulõvi
  2. Loss Paranoias – Valedetektor
  3. Ott Lepland – Kuula
  4. Liis Lemsalu – Made up my mind
  5. Pop Maniacs – I don’t know
  6. Traffic – NASA
  7. Teele Viira – City nights
  8. Lenna – Mina jään
  9. Birgit Õigemeel – You’re not alone
  10. Tenfold Rabbit – Oblivion
Source: LRT, ETV


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