Malta: The Musical Drama Series Continues


The end of the week tends to bring about some disappointment for people who might have taken up a couple of hours to relax with another hard working couple of days set to return. Nevertheless, one has to look at the positive side of Monday, the first day of the week because that would lead to a better outcome in general. When it comes to taking a break, one surely relaxes on the sofa so whilst being there, one should turn on the television, switch to Television Malta (TVM) which is the official viewing corporation for the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) and watch the musical drama ‘D.R.E.A.M.S’ which has captivated audiences all of demographics in the past couple of months for being the first of it’s kind in Malta.

During the last episode of the series, there was the confession made by Sally (Nicole Azzopardi) that she did not want her mother, Finnigan (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) to continue living in this manner and that her change has not been inflicting her in the best of ways. Despite the plea, Finnigan is determined to continue living this life but then again does show some signs of remorse in her facial expressions. Jasmine Vassallo Grima (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) is unveiled to be a fraud in a method were her emotions are completely uncovered only in the face of her new-found love interest Jeremy (Mikhail Attard). He comforts her and tells her to be real and honest and in order to completely make her feel comfortable, they sleep together. When leaving the room, she remembers that she had a bet with one of her best friends about bringing a pair of boxers back but after leaving without them, she returned and put it in her bag. The most disturbing storyline which is evolving is that of Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) who is once more shouted at by her mother for ordering something which she thought was completely inappropriate. Nevertheless, time and time again, she states that she loves her mother despite being completely miserable.

The things will continue developing in the multiple story-lines being presented in the series in fact noting the fact that Professor Clive Cortis (Dorian Micallef) is trying to get custody of his birth-daughter Samantha Agius (Samaryah Sammut) following the fact that her birth mother, Catherine Agius (Rebecca Paris) a bar maid and former exotic dancer opts to ask for a sum of cash to benefit her daughter. The story for this weeks’ episode should be quite interesting as Jade Vella Petroni is accused to still being in love with Brandon Cutajar (Jean Pierre Cassar) by none other than one her best friends Katia (Jade Cini). The woman that one was Finnigan seems to have completely lost the plot to become the woman she is today and therefore when her past is somewhat ignited through a phone call by a relative, things might take the interesting turn that her daughter might have wanted. The relationship between Jasmine and Jeremy seems to be going well but what does she do with the boxers that she takes from his room. The final story-line to be tackled is that of Patsy May and Maria Sultana (Marie Claire Sammut) noting that it is yet to real kick off due to the fact that the latter is quite scared of the thought consequences of coming out to society and the family.

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics to all of the tracks performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the ‘Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza’ as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled ‘Keep Me In Mind‘ and in 1997 bearing the name ‘Let Me Fly‘. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Sfida Contestant Rachel Genovese, performer Rachael Tedesco Triccas and the ever so stunning winner of ‘ID’; Analise Psaila. The episode will be airing at a specially designated slot around 21:45 CET this evening due to a special broadcaster over the current local political situation.

Source: Press Release, Jessica Vella De Sauveterre


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