Romania: Fifteen Entries in Final


The Eurovision Song Contest is still quite a couple of months away but then again, it seems that there is one broadcaster who is moving at an extremely fast pace in the selection of the songs that will be trying to represent Romania in the renowned musical event. Last night, there was the announcement that TVR received some one hundred and nine (109) songs but almost half of them at forty six (46) were accepted due to missing documents. Most of the participants submitted the needed material this morning before the jury made their decision and it seems like that did the right thing with the announcement of the titles, singers and their respective songwriters in the placing that they got during this phase, released to the public for a transparent process.

It is notable that who does well might eventually do well in the final stage but when it is a live performances, things eventually change and that is why, these numbers might be revealed. The Romanian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in just a couple of weeks time actually at the same time when Moldova, Sweden and Portugal will be hosting their very own selection. We are very proud to announce that there is Maltese involvement in two (2) songs as our very own Gerard James Borg has been successful once more as you can see within the list of finalists below.

  1. Catalin Josan – Call My Name (Keo Ralfo / Muresan / Alexander)
  2. Mandinga – Zaleilah (Costi Ionita / Ionescu Elena / Secada Omar)
  3. Vicky Red – If You Ever Feel (Victor / Silviu / Cracius / Razvan / Constantin)
  4. Bianca Purcarea – Don’t Say Sorry (Marc Paelinck / Bianca Purcarea / Bart Herman)
  5. Electric Fence – Sun-ta (Antoniu / Lucian / Vasile / Ciente / Aurel)
  6. Ovidiu Anton – I Walk Alone (Ovidiu)
  7. Ana Mardare – This Must be Love (Tudy / Primoz / Down / Gladnikoff / Mardare)
  8. Ioana Bianca Anuta – Girls Don’t Cry (Ioana Bianca Anuta / Gerard James Borg)
  9. RPK – Singura Care (Zmau / Boer / Toganel / Ionescu / Ungur)
  10. Tasha – Say My Name (Mustiuc / Stanca / Cristescu)
  11. Lucian Oros – The Best a Man Can Get (Mats Tarnors / Gerard James Borg)
  12. Bianca Purcarea – Twilight (Bianca Purcarea / Broderick / Ziga / Gliha)
  13. Raluca Ocneanu – Time Is on My Side (Mihai Alexandru)
  14. Ana Mardare – If You Find Simple Words to Say (Zaharescu / Mardare)
  15. Miss Mary – Rolling’ (Onea / Vlasceanu / Sechelaru / Turcu / Florea)
Source: TVR


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