Montenegro: ‘Euro Neuro’ by Rambo Amadeus Presented


RTCG, is looking forward to return to the Eurovision Song Contest, so much so that they decided to send one of the most notable names in the industry to represent them. Rambo Amadeus does not need a lot of introduction when it comes to the Ex-Yugoslavian countries have sold thousands of records in the area. He is known for an extremely quirky style dealing with a number of social issues in track that feature predominant rap mixed with the typical pop. The genre in itself might not be everyone’s cup of tea but a definite applause for the effort of a country that is returning to the competition following an absence of two years with their last entry ‘Just Get Out of My Life’ by Andrea Demirovic finishing in eleventh place within the semi-final, their best result to date.

This time round, Rambo Amadeus will be performing for the nation and the song has been entitled ‘Euro Neuro’ whose video has been shot to include scantily clad ladies, and a donkey for whatever reason. The lyrics of the song, where they can be understood deal with the problems that the world is currently facing in terms of pollution and climate for example. The show was quite quick actually dealing with a number of his successes in the past. Montenegro will be competing in the first semi-final meaning that it will be missing the support from a number of its neighbouring countries including Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia amongst others who are all competing in the second semi-final. Make sure to look at the video below whilst stay tuned to for all of the latest updates as soon as they become available.

Source: RTCG


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