Croatia: Reviewing the song ‘Nebo’


When the running order was drawn there were gasps for the way that two neighbours have been drawn back to back due to the fact that they have extremely similar genres in the entries that they presenting for this years’ Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The country which will be performing in the tenth position in the second semi-final is Croatia, who are bringing about some of their best vocal talent to the competition in the form of Nina Badrić who has decided to perform the song Nebo which she both penned and composed the music to actually making her one of the few singer/songwriters in the competition.


Nina Badrić is one of the most successful and most awarded Croatian musicians, whose career has successfully lasted for the past 20 years. Accomplishments, rewards and popularity are following this musician beyond Croatian borders, where she’s been dubbed the best and most favourite pop singer from the former Yugoslavian region year in, year out, by both audiences and music professionals.
In the nineties Nina commenced a solo singing career, heading music charts all over Croatia. She is a multiple winner of the Popularity Oscar, awarded by the professionals and audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Besides a terrific voice that many compare to those of divas like Angie Stone, Alicia Keys or Mary J. Blige, Nina is characterized by many as one of the most complete musicians today. Her personality, charm, or the so called factor X immediately win people over, and as far as her looks are concerned, many claim that she has been one of the most beautiful Croatian singers for years.
Nina Badrić’s face was recognized as the face of the world campaign for Frederique Constant luxury watches. The campaign with Nina’s trademark face graces billboards all over the world and numerous fashion magazines, such as Vogue, In Style or NY Times. She is known as a person that gladly takes part in many humanitarian activities. Nina Badrić is a singer who has tried her hand with every musical genre, from pop to jazz, leaving her specific mark of recognizable and strong interpretation in each of them. She writes most of her songs, and it is with an original composition that she plans to represent Croatia at the upcoming Eurosong competition.
The Critics Voice Their Opinion
Magnus Kaxe
I love the voice of this singer! She has a nice vibe and great sound. Unfortunately I can’t say the same of the song. I hear a uninteresting song without a chorus. But because of her voice I am giving it a good grade which would be five (5) points.
Marion Welter
I believe that this is a very much similar track to the one before it and I just cannot relate to the song in itself as I do not find anything that entices me but once more the vocals are spot on and the only mark given on this end is also one (1) unfortunately.
Tobias Larsson
Another well-crafted song, performed by a local star that will deliver on the big night. I would have hoped for a bit more punch and a hookier chorus, now it lands in the “good-but-not-outstanding” category which would be well translated into seven (7) points.
Entry Background

Performer: Nina Badrić

Composer: Nina Badrić

Author: Nina Badrić

Song: Nebo

Language: Croatian

Broadcaster: HRT

History of the Nation 

To this day, Croatia remains one of the most successful countries never to win the Eurovision Song Contest and as they head in for their twentieth participation, they will be hoping to achieve another astonishing result. The nation has not managed to enter the final in the past two years and they will be definitely vying to do so this year when Nina Badric is such a star and brings about so much power to the event even working through a number of commitments whilst in surgery for her voice. Their best result thus far has been a fourth place achieved on two seperate occasions, the first one being in 1996 with Maja Blagdan and Sveta Ljubav and the second one being with Marija Magdalena performed by Doris Dragovic in 1999. It will be quite interesting to see whether it will be Croatia or Slovenia to stand out.


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