Sweden: SVT Getting Ready to Host Eurovision 2013


Earlier this week, the European Broadcasting Union released the full results of the Eurovision Song Contest, broken down in Jury and Tele-Voting for each semi-final as well as the final and Euphoria as performed by Loreen for the Scandinavian nation of Sweden was the winner of each respective vote taken during the same week. SVT, the broadcaster responsible for organizing the next edition of the event is actually very much looking forward to putting up a great show and yesterday, there was a formal announcement of the team that will be taking care of the preparations now that the decisions will be put into action over the next couple of weeks and months. 

In fact, those appointed to their respectful positions are Christel Tholse Willers as the Head of Relations, Johan Bernhagen as the Head of Production, Martin Österdahl will be the Executive Producer whilst Christer Björkman will be the show producer. The Executive Producer went on record stating ‘These are three people who all represent solid professional knowledge, high level of personal integrity and good judgment’. It has to be mentioned that Willers will be mostly taking care of the communications aspect meaning branding and new methods of media whilst Björkman will look after the content and the format of the shows. As this stage of the preparations, the provisional dates for the Eurovision Song Contest are the 14th, 16th, and the 18th May 2013 and it is also to be mentioned that twenty-one countries signed up to take part thus far whilst Malta despite no formal announced by the Public Broadcasting Services is also set to continue their participation in order to support the local artist abroad with an international acclaimed event for exposure.

Earlier this week, it was also revealed that the host city of the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, Gothenburg will not be hosting the event and therefore, that leaves only Malmo and Stockholm in the running although the latter city seems to be more in a preferential position at this point in time. We will be following this story more as it develops as the interest keeps on growing. Sweden will be hosting the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time since their 1999 victory thanks to Charlotte Perelli with the track Take Me To Your Heaven. They did a stupendous job the following year and many people are looking forward to returning to the competition there.

Source: Eurovision.tv


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