Netherlands: TROS Want Anouk for Eurovision 2013


Once upon a time, The Netherlands were a nation to be reckoned with when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest noting that they had managed to win the competition on four different occasions but the last one came way back in 1975 thanks to Teach-In and their song Ding-A-Dong. Since the introduction of the semi-final system, the country has only made it to the finals once and that was in the first year of the respective system when Without You performed by Re-Union managed to make it through achieving a dismal result in the final unfortunately. They have been putting their best acts forward in recent years noting the internal selection of former representative Edsilia Rombley in 2008, well known local music star Hind in 2009 and even extremely popular Toppers in 2010 but the results have not lived up to expectations. They changed the format earlier this year by getting producer John De Mol on board and despite the positive viewing figures and the impressive national final, the result was still disappointing.

Joan Franka and her country track You and Me was definitely a fan favourite in Baku, Azerbaijan and in fact, had it been based just on televoting, the track would have made it through to the finals by virtue of achieving the tenth spot but the jury did not believe that it should make it through and therefore, it failed to make the cut. Nevertheless, it seems that John De Mol along with TROS have already started their proceedings for the 2013 participation of The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest and they do have one artist in mind, and surely, if they do have her on board, The Netherlands might have just secured one of their top finishes in years. The singer that has been touted as being the number #1 hit target on their respective list is Anouk who is well known around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France having topped the albums chart in her native country on eight occasions, including one just last year. Her recent album To Get Her Together was a huge hit charting at the top in The Netherlands and also number #4 in Belgium. Stay tuned to as we follow this story even further.

Source: John De Mol, Eurovisionary


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